6 Things You Should Know About Same-Day DUI Evaluations

6 Things You Should Know About Same-Day DUI Evaluations

Consuming alcohol before driving can lead to injuries to innocent people. But it can also lead to fatalities. In 2019, 309 people died as a result of alcohol-related car accidents in the state of Illinois.

As a result, you’ll face some consequences if the police catch you driving under the influence. First, you might get a DUI charge. Secondly, you might go to jail.

You’ll also likely need a DUI evaluation, and you can’t ignore this request. If you need one of these, you might look for a place that offers same-day DUI evaluations.

After all, you’ll have a limited time to get your court-ordered evaluation. You might want to find a place that offers same-day evaluations.

1. Courts Order DUI Evaluations

The most common reason people get DUI court evaluations is that courts order them.

After a person gets a DUI, they go through a court process, which results in consequences. One such consequence is the requirement for a DUI evaluation.

2. They Evaluate a Person’s Risks

A DUI evaluation serves one primary purpose: to evaluate a person’s risks. The assessment consists of questions the person must answer. The goal is to evaluate the severity of the person’s alcohol usage and addiction.

3. Evaluations Consider a Person’s History

When you get a DUI evaluation for court, the counseling center evaluates your alcohol and drug use history. They ask questions about your habits and the length of time you’ve used alcohol or drugs.

They might also ask about prior or current mental health issues, including anxiety therapy you’ve had.

4. Same-Day DUI Evaluations Take One Day

A same-day DUI evaluation is one you can complete in one day. The others might require several days or weeks. Therefore, you can complete the assessment faster if you choose a same-day evaluation.

5. You Have a Deadline

The next thing to know is that you have a deadline for the evaluation. The court will require getting an evaluation and tell you the deadline date. You must get the evaluation by this date.

6. Failure to Comply Results in Further Consequences

Finally, it’s essential to know that failing to comply with this requirement by the deadline results in further consequences. For example, the court might impose a stricter punishment if you fail to comply.

Get Your Evaluation Before It’s Too Late

You must stick with the deadline after a court requires a DUI evaluation. If you wait too long, you might need to look for places that offer same-day DUI evaluations.

If you need a DUI evaluation right away, contact Braden Counseling Center. We offer same-day evaluations and can help you complete your court-ordered requirement. Contact us to learn more.