A Day in the Life of Someone with OCD: Unraveling the Mystery Behind Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with a Bartlett, IL Counselor

Unraveling the Mystery Behind Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with a Bartlett, IL Counselor

Do you understand what it’s like living with OCD?

About one percent of people in the United States suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder, which makes it rarer than other mental health problems. It also makes it more difficult to recognize the signs if you aren’t a licensed counselor.

Let’s find out how it feels to struggle with OCD from a specialist in Bartlett.

Knowing the Differences

OCD doesn’t look the same for every person. People have different compulsions as a result of obsessive-compulsive disorder, which requires different OCD treatments and medication.

OCD causes persistent thoughts that trigger different actions as a coping mechanism, but these thoughts and actions don’t look the same for everyone. Each case is unique, but they tend to fall in a few general lanes.

Obsessions Involved in OCD

There are a few main categories you can look at when it comes to different OCD obsessions.

The checking obsession is one where you feel the need to check things, like whether or not your stove or hair straightener is on, constantly. People with this problem can’t move on until they’ve checked that everything is as it should be.

Some people obsess about specific thoughts that they can’t get rid of. These could be thoughts about them doing they would never do in real life, or thoughts that are simply upsetting.

You may think of hoarding as a joke from the television show, but hoarding can actually be a compulsion resulting from OCD. Others also struggle with symmetry or maintaining order as a symptom of their OCD. This compulsion requires things to be in a specific order or perfectly straight for the person to be able to continue going about your business.

OCD can manifest in other ways too, so it’s important to consult with a medical professional in the Bartlett area if you feel like OCD could be an issue for you.

The Process of OCD

OCD compulsions don’t always come around when they’re convenient. They can keep people up late at night or wake them up at inconvenient hours. That’s a big part of why OCD can be a huge struggle for people struggling to manage it.

If you’re struggling with OCD, there are lots of options for you. Individual therapy can help you come up with coping methods and talk through your triggers. Some medications can also help you manage the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder so that you can feel better when you’re going about your everyday life.

Get the Help You Need in Bartlett if You Struggle With OCD

As you can see, the day in the life of a person with OCD can vary wildly based on their manifestation. It’s all about addressing the specific issues involved.

If you or a loved one is struggling with OCD in the Bartlett area, we can help. The Braden Counseling Center provides services in the Elgin, Sycamore, Geneva, Rochelle, Bartlett, and Oregon areas for those who reside in Illinois. Contact us today for all the help you need.