A Geneva Counselor Explains How to Support Someone That Was a Victim of Sexual Assault

Geneva Counselor Explains How to Support Someone That Was a Victim of Sexual Assault

After someone has been sexually assaulted, the time that follows is often filled with confusion about what to do next. It can also be a time of uncertainty for the people around them because it’s challenging to determine ways to support a sexual assault victim without overstepping. Counseling helps, and if it is a loved one that is the victim, encouraging them to see a counselor is a great place to start.

If you wish to be a shoulder to lean on or a listening ear to someone whose been sexually assaulted, you’ve come to the right place. Below our professional in Geneva explains some ways you can show your support.

Don’t Pass Judgement

Someone who’s been sexually assaulted will spend a significant amount of time running over the events of their sexual trauma in their head. They will feel, in some cases, that what happened is their fault, which is known as victim-blaming.

The last thing they need is for someone to pass judgement about what happened or make them feel guilty for the assault.

To show them you support them and whatever decisions they make moving forward, ensure you let them know you believe them. There are several reasons victims don’t report sexual assault, with some of the top ones being:

  • They don’t think they’ll be believed
  • They believe it’s their fault

Applaud your loved one for having the courage to tell you about their sexual trauma and never pass judgment.

Stay Calm

When you hear that someone close to you in Geneva has been the victim of sexual assault, it’s natural to fly into a rage and want justice for them. However, you should do your best to keep your emotions in check.

Your loved one is already experiencing hurt, pain, and confusion; they don’t need to add your emotional outbursts to the list of items they need to process.

Your outbursts can turn an already chaotic situation into an even more stressful time for your loved one.

Encourage Them to Seek Counseling

No matter how hard you try, you’ve not learned the techniques your loved one needs to learn to process their trauma. However, you can encourage them to seek individual counseling in the Geneva area.

A licensed counselor can help them process what’s happened and learn skills to deal with triggers in the future. Counseling might also be useful in helping your loved one determine how to live life on their terms after these events have taken place.

Get Their Permission First

As humans, when someone is in need, the first thing we want to do is hold them or hug them, but you need to ask for permission first. A sexual assault survivor might be sensitive to any form of touch in the aftermath of their assault.

Touch can become a trigger for sexual assault victims which is why you need to ask for permission. They might not want to be touched, and it’s a way of showing that you respect their boundaries.

Ways to Support a Sexual Assault Victim in Geneva

Sexual assault occurs every day, and in its wake, it leaves victims. However, with support, your loved one in Geneva can become a sexual assault survivor and learn to move forward instead of looking back.

Always remember not to pass judgment and recommend they seek counseling. If your loved one is looking for a licensed therapist, contact Braden Counseling Center.

We want to help your loved one learn new ways for better days.