A Sycamore, IL Mental Health Counselor Discusses What is Considered Emotional Abuse

A Sycamore, IL Mental Health Counselor Discusses What is Considered Emotional Abuse

Studies have shown that nearly 80% of people have experienced some form of emotional abuse in the United States, including the Sycamore area. The unfortunate part is that many people experience emotional abuse without actually realizing that it is happening at that moment, and not everyone has immediate access to a mental health counselor.

There are many types of domestic violence, and it doesn’t always have to be physical in nature. In many ways, emotional abuse can be just as harmful. Let’s go over the signs of emotional abuse, so you can help yourself or someone you care about in need.

What is Emotional Abuse?

First, let’s clearly define what emotional abuse is. This form of abuse is used to gain control over another person by using emotions. This might look like criticizing, blaming, shaming, or manipulating.

While this is most common in romantic situations, it can occur in other relationships. You could be seeing this behavior in your family, friends, co-workers, or elsewhere in your daily life in Sycamore.

Types of Emotional Abuse

What makes emotional abuse especially hard to pinpoint is the many different ways that it can be carried out. It may not look the same for every situation.

Some examples of emotional abuse include:

  • Persistently ignoring someone
  • Lack of emotions in interactions
  • Making harsh accusations
  • Gaslighting
  • Constant criticism
  • Name-calling or verbal abuse
  • Withholding affection
  • Isolating someone from family or friends
  • Blaming and shaming

There are many more types of emotional abuse outside of this list. Experiencing just one of these is enough to justify the term emotional abuse. However, there are likely multiple things on this list that are occurring.

How to Know

As previously mentioned, it can be difficult to spot emotional abuse when it is actively happening to you. So, how do you know you might be experiencing it? Stop and take a moment to focus on the interactions you have with the person in your relationship.

Do you constantly feel invalidated? Someone who is attempting to gain control over you will likely make you feel like your wants and needs are not valid. In addition, you may feel dismissed, unheard, and like your expectations are too high.

Emotionally abusive people create chaos. They may start arguments on purpose or drastically alter their mood in certain situations.

You also may feel as if you can never live up to their expectations. This is because they put forth unrealistic expectations. In return, they might demean or criticize you for not meeting those.

Seeking Help for Emotional Abuse in the Sycamore Area

There is no reason that you should let someone control you, even on an emotional level. It is harmful to your relationship, life, and mental health. If you were reading this and are realizing you are in this type of relationship, or you feel that you are the one who is displaying these emotions, or know someone who has, it’s time to seek help.

Need help with your emotional abuse treatment plan? Contact us today to talk about how we can help get you and your relationships on the right track.