Are Emotions Contagious?

are emotions contagious

Do you know someone that always makes you feel happy when they’re around? Maybe you know someone that always makes you feel drained, tired, or stressed. This is because emotions are contagious.

The way we act, think, and feel, can impact the people around us. Whether it’s significant others or acquaintances, it’s crucial to choose your company wisely. For more information on the importance of emotions and the people in our presence, we discuss it further below.

The Science Behind Emotions

More than happy and sad feelings, emotions are complex parts of our minds. Emotions are neural impulses that signal action and prompt behavior. As humans grow and perceptions of societal norms change, the way we respond to our long list of emotions will also change.

When feeling sad, nervous, happy, or angry, our bodies will respond to these emotions. We may experience biological responses like sweaty palms, a change in heart rate, or a smile we can’t contain. We may also experience automatic responses like a change in body language or tone of voice.

While many of these responses behind our neural impulses are subconscious, they can affect the people around us in more ways than one.

How Emotions Affect Our Relationships

When we experience emotions on either end of the spectrum, both positive and negative, it impacts our friends and family. Similarly, when people around us feel emotions, it affects how we feel. To see this in action, think about team sports, co-working environments, or romantic relationships.

If we have a teammate, coworker, or partner who feels angry, sad, or nervous, this can “rub off” on us until we also feel this way. On the other hand, if they feel happy and excited, we may also feel these emotions. In science, this is known as Emotional Contagion.

Some theories suggest that our neurons can mirror the neurons of the people we spend our time with. This may also explain why we experience empathy. Emotional contagion is one of the main reasons why emotional intelligence in relationships is so important.

Couples counseling can help people who are emotionally unavailable or scarred. By learning more about our emotions, we can create a healthier environment for the people around us.

Becoming More Emotionally Intelligent 

When you feel intense excitement or sadness, the way you respond to these feelings can set the tone for your other relationships. Becoming a more emotionally intelligent person is not about suppressing feelings. Instead, it’s about creating healthier responses to them.

Individual counseling services can help people work through emotions and understand them on a deeper level. Counselors can also train people on how to handle everyday emotions and keep them from harming relationships. If you find yourself battling with your emotions, consider reaching out for help.

Better Your Relationships Today

As humans, we are natural-born emotional beings. It’s important to know that while they can seem difficult to manage at times, emotions are not a bad thing. With help from our trained professionals, you can learn how to handle your emotions and keep your relationships stable.

To improve your emotional intelligence and better your relationships, contact us today.