Bartlett, IL Substance Abuse Treatment: Five Signs You May Have a Drug Problem

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Did you know that among Americans aged 12 years and older, 31.9 million are current illegal drug users and many of which are addicted to some form of narcotics? Drug addiction can severely affect not only the person, but the entire family as well, which makes substance abuse treatment extremely important.

Sometimes it can be hard to recognize when you or your family member in Bartlett has a drug problem. Below, we show five clear signs of drug addiction that you should never ignore.

  1. Mood Swings

One of the first clear signs of drug addiction is mood swings. When a person experiences a comedown from the effects of the drug, their mood will alter, and usually, they will fall into a bad mood that is very noticeable.

If someone you care about is showing signs of severe mood swings, you might want to dig deeper and find out if that person in question is using something they shouldn’t.

  1. Loss of Interest

Has the person lost a sudden interest in something that used to motivate and excite them in the Bartlett area? If so, you could be dealing with an addict. Addicts lose interest in most things and the only thing on their mind is the drug and how best to obtain it.

  1. Stealing and Theft

This is especially true for younger drug users who don’t usually have an income to be able to buy drugs. The addiction can take a hold of the person and can make them steal from family members and shops.

If a person changes and stealing is out of the norm, it could be a sign that they need extra money to buy drugs and are financing it by stealing.

  1. Changes in Appearance

Drug use takes a tremendous toll on a person’s body and can lead to distinct physical changes. Loss of hair, yellowing teeth, and loss of weight all can show that someone is using an illegal substance. Long bouts of sleeping and lack of energy can also signify that someone is on a low and should be looked out for. If your loved one in Bartlett is showing these symptoms, consider bringing them in for counseling.

  1. Secretive Behavior

Addiction is a disease that thrives on deception and secretive behavior. Usually, addicts will spend a large amount of time away from home and be secretive about where they are going or who they are spending time with.

Drug users go through great pains to ensure that their usage is untraceable, and people don’t find out what is really going on.

Understanding the Signs of Drug Addiction from Our Bartlett Counselor

Drug addiction, if caught early enough, can be remedied with a little bit of counseling and action. If not found out early enough and the signs of drug addiction aren’t very clear, then a person can be consumed by the addiction and have a significantly longer road to recovery.

Are you an addict? Searching for help to stop or help for your loved one in the Bartlett area? Get in touch with us today and we will help you or your loved one with the process of becoming clean for good.