Parenting Help

Parenting Help: Do I Love One Child More Than the Others?

As a parent, you probably wonder if you are cut out for it.

There will be days you question whether you can parent your kids, give them love, keep them safe, and do everything you can to give them what they need throughout childhood. There’s no denying that parenting is difficult, and that’s just with one child.

When you have multiple children, chances are they are going to be interested in different things and have different personalities and abilities. It is very easy as a parent to show favoritism to one child over another.

Is this a problem? Can it be solved? What can you do to make sure you are loving and supporting your children equally? Let’s delve deeper into the topic of child favoritism.

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How to prevent road rage

Managing Frustration: How to Prevent Road Rage

In the last 12 years, around 1,500 people died in road rage accidents. Police departments warn that road rage accidents happen more often every year.

Every one of those 1,500 deaths was preventable. The people involved needed to practice managing their anger. It takes seconds to change your point-of-view, but no amount of time will revive the dead.

Managing frustration while you’re driving will keep everyone safe on the road. The changes to how you react to stress improve other parts of your life, as well.

You’ll need a few tricks to use for road rage prevention. Practice these techniques each time you get behind the wheel.

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Counteracting feelings of loneliness

Counteracting Feelings of Loneliness

In 2019, 2 in 5 Americans reported feeling lonely or isolated. They also reported that these feelings contributed to poor mental health. These figures only increased in 2020.

If loneliness is weighing on you, you’re not alone. Managing your emotions can make a huge difference when it comes to combating loneliness. If you are starting to feel lonely most of your time, we are here to help.

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How to not overindulge this holiday season

Binge Eating Help: How to Not Overindulge This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a minefield for individuals struggling with binge eating disorders. Stress, exhaustion, and changes in routine can create the perfect storm to send your eating habits careening off-track. You are absolutely not alone either, as millions of Americans share similar challenges.

You can avoid overeating during the holidays by planning ahead and preparing yourself mentally. There are also support professionals ready to provide binge eating help.

Below is some useful binge eating advice to help you stay healthy and happy while you enjoy the winter festivities.

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Coping with Survivor's Guilt following suicide loss

Coping with Survivor’s Guilt Following Suicide Loss

One of your worst nightmares has become reality. Someone close to you has committed suicide. Processing the various emotions that you’re feeling is a bit complicated.

You’re sad, a little angry, and you feel a tightness in your chest that you can only associate with guilt. Experiencing survival guilt after a traumatic event such as suicide isn’t that uncommon.

You can’t help but think that you might have been able to do something to help your loved one and prevent their death.  You’re upset because you’re still here and they’re gone. Here, you can begin to learn how to cope with this complex series of emotions.

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Common signs of stress overload

How Much Stress is Too Much? Common Signs of Stress Overload

You’ve got four work projects you have to turn in, bills to pay, and children to take care of. To say that your stress levels are through the roof is a massive understatement, but you’re not alone.

Eight in ten Americans suffer from some kind of stress. There is a difference between general stress and stress overload though.

When things get to be too much, you may experience massive mood swings, an erratic sleep schedule, and shifts in appetite. If this sounds like you, it might be time for you to seek help. Check out this guide to find out if you should see a counselor.

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A Guide to PTSD in Military Veterans

A Guide to PTSD in Military Veterans

Unfortunately for our brave troops, PTSD in military veterans is a fact of life. An estimated 13.5% of veterans employed in Iraq and Afghanistan go on to develop PTSD, with as many as half a million soldiers suffering PTSD in the US today.

The prevalence of PTSD in military veterans is high, which is why being able to identify and effectively treat it is crucial. If you are a former veteran struggling with what you think is PTSD, or perhaps a loved one of a veteran who you worry is suffering, then it is important to know exactly how to spot it and what you can do.

Here is your guide to approaching and treating PTSD in military veterans.

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The Differences between Asperger's and Autism

The Differences Between Asperger’s and Autism

One in fifty-four children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Despite its prevalence, this condition is still widely misunderstood.

There are many aspects of autism that are still not well understood in the medical world. The causes of autism are still not known, and there are many controversies circulating about it. Of course, this only makes it even more complicated for those without a medical degree to understand the disorder. For example, Asperger’s vs autism, are they the same thing?

Here, we learn about Asperger’s and autism, and what the differences and similarities are.

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Help erase the negative stigma around mental health issues

Help Erase the Negative Stigma Around Mental Health Issues

No one would judge you for getting care for a physical issue. If you fall and sprain your wrist, no one asks why you don’t just get over it.

They accept that certain physical things can go wrong, and you’ll need a trained professional to help you. Yet there is still a stigma around mental health.

In honor of Mental Health Day on October 12, we’d like to offer you some tips on fighting this negative stigma.

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The best ways to support someone suffering from a mental illness

The Best Ways to Support Someone Suffering from a Mental Illness

Statistics show that around one in five Americans suffer from a mental illness of some kind.

Not all of these conditions will have catastrophic outcomes. However, one thing that most sufferers of mental illness have in common is a need for support from those around them.

Mental illness support can be difficult to get right. You want to be there for the person, but you don’t want to be an overbearing presence.

Let’s take a look at how to support a friend with mental illness the correct way.

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