Signs your child is a bully and how to prevent it

Signs Your Child is a Bully and How to Prevent It

According to the National Bullying Prevention Center, just over 20% of kids get bullied at school. While many parents worry about their child getting picked on, a smaller percentage of them fear that they actually raised the bully.

Do you suspect that your child is a bully? If so, you need to learn the warning signs and how to stop that behavior.

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Managing adult ADHD

Managing Adult ADHD

While ADHD is commonly associated as a childhood affliction, anyone can be diagnosed with it at any age.

ADHD makes concentrating on anything hard and comes with a barrage of negative effects. While it is manageable, life can be difficult unless you really put effort into trying to keep it under control.

Here are just a few important tips for managing adult ADHD and keeping on top of your ADHD related symptoms.

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Why do people abuse other people?

Why Do People Abuse Other People?

No matter the reason, abuse is never okay.

In the United States alone, around 20 people per minute are abused by an intimate partner. These types of relationships often lead to vicious cycles that can be difficult to break free from.

While there is no excuse or justification for abusive behavior, there are reasons why it occurs. To gain a better understanding, it helps to examine the typical characteristics of an abuser as well as the thought processes that lead to abuse.

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Believe in Yourself: Finding Your Own Self-Value

Believe in Yourself: Finding Your Own Self-Value

Often when we feel bad about ourselves, we act out in ways that are destructive to ourselves and the people we love. How can we learn to accept ourselves the way we are, and move through life with peace?

Finding one’s self-value is a challenging but critical step towards finding a healthier, happier way of existence.

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How a Substance Abuse Evaluation for DUI Works

How a Substance Abuse Evaluation for DUI Works

Have you gotten a DUI recently? Are you worried about one in the future for yourself or a loved one?

It doesn’t hurt to be prepared ahead of time when dealing with such a serious matter.

When you get a DUI you will probably be subjected to a substance abuse evaluation. It might seem like a scary term, but what does it mean? What happens during a DUI substance abuse evaluation anyway?

It’s best to avoid getting a DUI at all, but it’s also good to be prepared and do your research. We’re going to talk you through it so that you can know ahead of time what to expect. Continue reading “How a Substance Abuse Evaluation for DUI Works”

Recognizing Suicidal Behavior: The Warning Signs to Look For

Recognizing Suicidal Behavior: The Warning Signs to Look For

Suicide is a tragic consequence of many mental health issues.

It leaves family, friends, and communities in shock and pain. It is estimated that about one million people worldwide commit suicide each year. It is currently the tenth leading cause of death in the United States.

The causes and circumstances of suicide vary from person to person, but if you can recognize what suicidal behavior looks like, you might be able to save those you care about before it is too late. Continue reading “Recognizing Suicidal Behavior: The Warning Signs to Look For”

How to Know if You Need Family Therapy

Are you and your partner fighting more than usual? Is your child exhibiting unusual behaviors? It might be time to consider family therapy.

Therapy is a constructive way to examine families that may have gotten off track. The process of talking things out with an objective professional can alleviate stresses, address troublesome issues, and provide actionable tactics to make things better.

You can benefit from family therapy if you and your loved ones are experiencing any of the following situations. Continue reading “How to Know if You Need Family Therapy”

Types of Anxiety Disorders and What to Do About Them

Types of Anxiety Disorders and What to Do About Them

Anxiety disorders can be some of the most isolating experiences for a person, but you’re far from alone. Anxiety disorders affect 18.1% of the U.S. population every year.

They come in many different forms with many different symptoms, but although each can feel debilitating, they needn’t be this way forever.

Coming forward can be difficult, since these disorders are often stigmatized, but you should never feel like you can’t ask for help. Anxiety disorders are treatable, and it’s important to know that your life can improve.

A professional will be able to help you understand which anxiety disorder you’re suffering from, but these are the most common.

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Living with someone who has PTSD

PTSD and Marriage: Living with Someone Who Has PTSD

Almost 8% of the population will have PTSD at some point in their lives.

While it’s common for people who have served in the military to experience PTSD, it can also be experienced by a person who goes through any number of traumas.

PTSD can put a strain on even the strongest relationships if you don’t know how to treat it properly.

It’s important you learn the best way to deal with PTSD and marriage early in the relationship so you can have a meaningful union.

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Learning to Love Again After Domestic Violence

Learning to Love Again After Domestic Violence

There are a lot of things from past relationships that we can self-determine as baggage. There are things we know we’ll need to work on or learn about, and then there are things we might not fully be aware of or understand. Those things usually pop up without us knowing.

Domestic violence is somehow both of those things: known and unknown. Defined and undefined. We know it’ll still hurt in the future, but we really have no idea how or to what extent.

It might seem like we’ll never love again. We might feel as though we don’t deserve it, or we feel that we have no clue how to do it again. How do we start again, all over, after already being hurt so much?

We’re here to tell you that loving again after domestic violence is possible and within reach. Here’s how to learn to love again.

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