What Will Happen at My DUI Evaluation?

What Will Happen at My DUI Evaluation?

DUI evaluations are given to those that have been arrested for a DUI to find out if they have problems with drugs and alcohol. With the evaluation, a treatment plan can be developed, and a judge can make a reasonable sentence.

These evaluations are typically done by an agency that the state has certified, but each state has different requirements. However, they’re all done to find out why a person wound up with a DUI, and with the goal of finding a solution.

Let’s delve deeper into what to expect at a DUI evaluation.

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Getting Your Driver's License Reinstated in Illinois

Getting Your Driver’s License Reinstated in Illinois

If you need to get your license reinstated, you’re not alone.

Currently, Illinois ranks sixth in the nation for the safest state to drive in. However, many drivers have unfortunately had their licenses revoked from things like reckless driving, being under the influence, or even something not vehicle-related, like failing to pay child support.

Whatever the reason for your license suspension, you have options.

From understanding what happens next, to taking the steps for getting your license back, here’s everything you need to know about suspended license reinstatement.

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