Counseling Services in Bartlett, Illinois

Braden Counseling Center in Bartlett, Illinois is one of several centers offering a variety of counseling services. The Braden Counseling Center staff is available for counseling individuals, couples and families to learn new skills and perspectives to help them better manage their lives.

Counseling Services Offered in Bartlett

DUI Services/Programs– The State of Illinois requires a DUI evaluation to be completed before a case for DUI can be closed, and Braden Counseling offers services to those who have been arrested for DUI. DUI evaluations and all levels of DUI treatment are available in all office locations. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

Substance Abuse Counseling– Our Outpatient Substance Abuse Program centers on using motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques with small, weekly group therapy sessions and can often also include individual, weekly therapy sessions. Sessions address different areas and topics that include: Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS), Relapse Prevention Skills, Managing Urges and Cravings, Understanding the Brain Chemistry of Addiction, Progression of the Disease of Addiction and Stages of Change.

Our Bartlett substance abuse counselors are trained, knowledgeable, and are there to help get you on the right path. Each client works with a counselor to develop an individualized treatment plan to help them reach goals to avoid future substance-related problems.

C.A.L.M.– This court approved program focuses on resolving the root cause of anger. To change the way an individual reacts when angry, it is critical to examine how the anger response was learned. The C.A.L.M. program is held in a group format or on an individual basis. The group program consists of eight weekly group sessions that are 2 ½ hours in length. This eight-week program is followed by a three-month aftercare program. If the individual session format is chosen, there are 6 one-hour weekly sessions followed by the same three-month after-care program.

Driver License Reinstatement– When trying to obtain a Driver’s Permit or full reinstatement, the Illinois Secretary of State requires an individual’s treatment be completed prior to their hearing. They should also be finishing their continuing care if it was recommended.

Branden Counseling Center has an outstanding reputation with the Secretary of State. We are knowledgeable about what is required and our Bartlett counselors work with individuals to ensure that they have everything that they need to be prepared for their hearing.

Other Counseling Services – All Braden Counseling Centers also offer individual counseling, couples’ counseling, marriage counseling, and family counseling services in addition to the above.

Additional Counseling Services Offered

The Braden Counseling Center in Bartlett also offers counseling in the following areas.

  • Addictions
  • Anger / Conflict
  • Anxiety
  • Behavior Problems
  • Custody Evaluations
  • Depression
  • Divorce
  • Drug and Alcohol Evaluations
  • Grief
  • Job Issues
  • Obsessive Compulsive Divorce (OCD)
  • Panic
  • Parenting
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Stress
  • Trauma

If you or someone close to you is being challenged by any of the above issues, or even another issue that you do not see listed, Braden Counseling Centers have counselors that can help.

Smart Recovery® Support Group

This program is now being offered at various Braden Counseling Centers. The program is a science-based addiction recovery support group that teaches participant self-empowering techniques that aid and strengthen the recovery process. The program uses a 4-point approach to:

  1. Build and Maintain Motivation
  2. Cope with Urges
  3. Manage Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors
  4. Live a Balanced Life

This program is different than others of its kind, because it advocates choice, offering those who seek recovery a variety of options and the choice to use the ones that work best for them. SMART Recovery® puts the individuals working towards recovery in charge of how best to reach their goals.

Achieving a healthy, balanced lifestyle is the overall goal for individuals participating in the program. Then, people graduate when they are confident that they have left their addictive behavior behind and are now able to operate on their own. Many participants, upon “graduating” volunteer as meeting facilitators or in some other capacity because they want to “pay it forward” and help others to realize the same gains that they have achieved.

Specific SMART Recovery® Tools

There are many tools available through this program:

  1. A Change Plan Worksheet is a chart in which you list your goals, how you will attain them, the ways in which you will overcome obstacles and challenges, etc. The very process of completing a Change Plan Worksheet will clarify both your goals and the roadblocks and challenges you face in order to attain them.
  2. Cost/Benefit Analysis (CBA) is a tool that is especially useful for increasing your motivation to abstain from your addictive behavior.
  3. ABC’s of REBT is a tool from Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, founded by Dr. Albert Ellis, that helps you to identify your irrational beliefs, which lead to poor consequences and replace those beliefs with more constructive ones.
  4. DISARM (Destructive Imagery and Self-talk Awareness and Refusal Method) is a tool that helps you to expose the thoughts and images which urge you to pursue your addiction. The tool exposes the various unproductive thoughts and images along with the inaccuracies, excuses and rationalizations that keep them alive.
  5. Brainstorming is a technique is often used in face-to-face and online meetings. A participant introduces a question or problem. Other participants then offer ideas and/or suggestions without any judgment involved.
  6. Role-playing/Rehearsing is a tool used mainly in group settings. Examples include rehearsing how to avoid addictive behavior at social events like a wedding or other high-risk event. Participants work with group members playing various roles and “rehearsing” a new script for difficult events.

Braden Counseling Centers offer all of the above in customized plans that help clients on their road to recovery, then keep them on that road.

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