Counseling Services in Geneva, Illinois

At the Braden Counseling Center in Geneva, Illinois we offer various programs, including those for substance abuse. We offer outpatient programs that are great for individuals who have completed an in-house rehabilitation program and are seeking aftercare. We also have individual, marriage and family counseling available.

The staff at Braden Counseling Centers cares about your needs. We meet you wherever you are in your life when you walk through the door or make that first phone call. With the help of our experienced counselors, you will develop new skills and perspectives to help manage your life better.

At Braden, the goal is to change your life.

Our Geneva counselors are licensed by the State of Illinois to provide mental health services. To serve you better, Braden offers flexible scheduling that includes evenings and weekends.

We also offer a variety of evaluations that include same-day DUI evaluations and the necessary documents for Driver’s License Reinstatement, as well as counseling services that cover a wide variety of situations and needs.

DUI Counseling Services

If you have been arrested for a DUI, we can help you through the process of dealing with the consequences of a bad choice, as we provide all levels of DUI treatment at all our office locations, including Geneva.

The State of Illinois requires a DUI evaluation be completed before a DUI case can be closed. Our counseling service centers will work with you and if needed can complete a DUI evaluation in one day if you have all the necessary documents required for completion.

DUI Risk Education Program

At our various centers, we offer the mandated Risk Education Program that is determined by your DUI evaluation. The evaluation determines what level of education/care you require to avoid finding yourself with another DUI.

There are four categories of recommended education/treatment that result from an evaluation and determine the number of hours you are required to complete.

Driver’s License Reinstatement Services

At Braden Counseling Center in Geneva, our staff works with you, and with legal experts who understand what is required of you, to have your driving privileges reinstated. This can be a difficult process. We guide you through step-by-step.

We have the forms necessary to request a hearing and can help you with any questions you have about what is required to send with your request. Before your hearing, your treatment must be completed, and you should be finishing your continuing care if it was recommended.

If you were classified as substance-dependent, the Hearing Officer requires documents showing your support network and attesting to 12 months of sobriety. If you are denied, the process begins again.

Our team includes Certified Reciprocal Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CRADC) who specialize in DUI Evaluations, Secretary of State Hearing documents, and Substance Abuse Treatment. These counselors can help you navigate this often difficult, mysterious process so that you can legally drive again.

Braden Counseling Center has an outstanding reputation with the Illinois Secretary of State because we are knowledgeable about what is required of you, and work with you to have everything you need for your hearing.

Individual Counseling Services

At Braden, our philosophy is making “New Ways for Better Days” a reality and provide counseling services to individuals of all ages. If you are interested in individual counseling, the first step is an initial assessment that usually takes from 60 to 90 minutes.

During this session, a counselor takes time to discuss with you the challenges you are facing, as well as what goals you have in mind. Your counselor will also talk with you about your history, in terms of how it may be influencing your current situation, without you even knowing it.

Our counselors use cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and a strength-based model to identify strengths and build resilience. If you are dealing with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic medical illness, grief/loss, adjustment disorders brought on by life changes, or other troubling problems, your counselor will work with you and help you to develop self-advocacy within the various systems that you must deal with, so that you can increase self-care and how to accept family/community support if you have not done so in the past.

You will work with your counselor to determine the skills you already have, which ones you need to learn or strengthen, and how to make the necessary adjustments along the way to meet your goals.

At Braden Center Counseling, the goal of individual counseling is to make you self-sufficient.

Couples/Marriage Counseling Services

Couples often consist of two individuals that have their own ways of functioning, their own belief systems, expectations, and communication patterns. Frequently in a couple, some of one partner’s characteristics may not fit well with the other’s.

At Braden Counseling Center, our couples counseling focuses on identifying strengths as well as vulnerabilities within the relationship. We work to help couples to build and practice new skills such as active listening, mindfulness, assertiveness training, building/rebuilding trust/intimacy as well as looking at attachment issues.

Sometimes within the context of marriage counseling, one or both individuals can benefit from working alone with a counselor to address personal issues. When this happens, it does not replace the couples’ therapy but rather augments it.

Understanding boundaries within a relationship is also key. Maintaining boundaries can facilitate forward movement within the relationship.

Sometimes one partner would like couples’ therapy but their partner refuses. If this is the case, come to counseling anyway. If you change, the relationship changes as well. No matter how things work out, those who work to take care of themselves become healthier in the process.

Family Counseling Services

A family is a collection of overlapping relationships, with each individual family member having their own unique characteristics. Often, family members face challenges that result from different views and ideas about how a family should function and what each family member’s role is within the unit. Difficulties can also be caused by a change in family dynamics due to a change in one family member or a change in a specific relationship within the family.

Whatever the cause, many families face challenges at one time or another. Our Geneva family counselors are trained to help family members improve communication among one another. They also have other methods to help family members cope with challenges.

Regardless of the origin of the problem and regardless whether the family considers it an “individual” or “family” issue, our family counselors help families directly participate with one another to find solutions. Our family therapists are skilled at helping families to find their strengths and wisdom, which enables family members to support one another in identifying solutions.

Other Counseling Services We Provide

Braden Counseling Center has a number of different locations that can help provide people with the assistance they need. In addition to the programs that we listed above, we can also help with driver’s license reinstatement from a DUI, alcohol counseling services, and drug and alcohol evaluation.

Contact us today to help get the ball rolling toward recovery.