Counseling Services in Rochelle, Illinois

At our Braden Counseling Center in Rochelle, Illinois, our main focus is regular outpatient treatment of substance abuse. We offer programs for women and men, as well as adult and adolescence programs. We also have bilingual evaluators.

Our counselors are here in support of individuals who need ongoing outpatient situation to support their continued recovery or those who are voluntarily looking for help or court mandated to attend a treatment program. In some cases, individuals who cannot, for whatever reason, attend a residential program, engage in an outpatient program.

Outpatient Programs (OP)

Outpatient programs are for individuals seeking help with their alcohol or drug problem and want to stay at home. Our outpatient treatment varies in type and intensity of services offered. It is often a good solution for clients with jobs and social support networks.

Our outpatient programs work well depending on individual patient characteristics and needs, and we find that group sessions have a profoundly positive effect for most of the clients that are with us. Our group sessions capitalize on the social reinforcement offered by peer discussion to help promote alcohol and/or drug-free lifestyles. We also encourage periodic individual counseling to stay connected with our clients and better identify any problems that may cause a relapse.

Treatment Focus for Outpatient Programs

Our outpatient programs use a combination of approaches that include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy– a type of therapy that challenges negative thought patterns about the self and the world to alter unwanted behavior patterns and/or treat mental disorders like depression.
  • Brief Intervention Approach– a technique used to initiate change for an unhealthy or risky behavior like excessive drinking or drug use by challenging the individual’s behavior and its effect on others.
  • Contingency Management Using Motivational Incentivethis gives individuals battling addictions tangible rewards to reinforce positive behaviors like abstinence.
  • Motivational Interviewing– a technique that is non-judgmental and non-confrontational. Its success depends largely on presenting objective feedback based on information provided by the individual attempting to eliminate their addiction.
  • Anger Management Programs– looks at anger as a motivation that is caused by something identifiable, something that can be logically analyzed and refocused.

There is no single treatment option that works for everyone coping with substance abuse, especially if they have a dual diagnosis. The range of mental health disorders is broad, and the relationship between substance abuse and a mental disorder is complicated. This is why our highly trained counselors complete drug and alcohol evaluations to come up with an effective treatment plan, including substance abuse counseling.


Anger is an underlying issue for many types of behaviors. Unfortunately, anger is an emotion that does not often get attention until it is problematic. Because of this, anger is quite often a default emotion we learn as children.  As adults, many of us still express anger rather than a variety of emotions that would help us get to what’s bothering us. When anger is the first response, it impacts our thoughts, decision making, and actions.

At Braden, our C.A.L.M. program is often part of a larger recovery process that focuses on resolving root problems rather than resultant behavior.

With anger, temporary fixes do not work in the long run. To change angry reactions, it is critical to examine how you learned to yell first and think later, if at all.

The program can be done on an individual basis, or individuals can attend a group format. The group program is eight, 2 ½ hour-long, weekly group sessions followed by a three-month aftercare program.

The goal of the program is to stop inappropriate responses to situations that can cause damage to yourself and the people who live with you.

Ancillary Services in Rochelle, IL

At our Braden Counseling facilities in Rochelle, we offer a host of ancillary services that include individual counseling services, group counseling services, couples counseling services, family counseling services, marital counseling services, and driver’s license reinstatement from a DUI.

We also provide treatment for non-substance addiction disorders, comprehensive mental health and substance abuse assessments and screenings, drug or alcohol urine screening, discharge planning, HIV or AIDS education counseling, and support, as well as case management.

Our Rochelle location is staffed with highly qualified professionals including Dr. Jayne Braden, a licensed clinical psychologist, along with other counselors from various backgrounds.

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. Our goal at our various Braden Counseling Centers is to help people through hard times by teaching them the skills to put their lives back on track and to stay on track.

Contact us today. We are here to help.