Our Counseling Services

Braden Counseling Center offers many different types of counseling services. The team at Braden Counseling Center aims to make you as comfortable as possible. You will not be judged; instead, you will be met where you are in your walk through life. BCC will teach you new skills and perspectives that will help you better manage your life.

Counseling Services We Offer: 

Braden Counseling Center now offers SMART Recovery® support group three times a week at our Sycamore location. This is a science-based addiction recovery support group—where participants learn selfempowering techniques to aid their recovery through mutual-help face-to-face and online meetings and services.

Additional Counseling Services We Offer:

Braden Counseling Center (BCC) has specialists to help you with all of these challenges.  If there is a counseling service you need, and you do not see it listed, please contact us today.