Individuals have their own ways of functioning, belief systems, expectations, and communication patterns. When involved with another, these characteristics do not always fit well. Couples counseling at Braden Center focuses on identifying strengths and vulnerable patterns within the relationship. At BCC we work on practicing new skills of active listening, mindfulness, assertiveness training, rebuilding trust/intimacy, and attachment issues. There are also times that one or both individuals would benefit from working alone with a counselor, and we encourage this when it’s needed. This does not take the place of counseling for the couple and can continue during the process. Know when this occurs, boundaries are maintained for all involved to facilitate continued forward movement.

We often get calls from one person who wants to attend counseling with their partner, but their partner does not want to attend. We strongly encourage coming to counseling, even if your partner does not want to. There are changes you can make that help you function better. Very often these changes result in the relationship changing as well. Sometimes their partner comes in for treatment as well, and at others they continue to refuse. Either way, you can be healthier because you worked to take care of yourself.