Individuals have their own ways of functioning, belief systems, expectations, and communication patterns. When involved with another, these characteristics do not always fit well. Couples counseling at Braden Center focuses on identifying strengths and vulnerable patterns within the relationship. At BCC we work on practicing new skills of active listening, mindfulness, assertiveness training, rebuilding trust/intimacy, and attachment issues. There are also times that one or both individuals would benefit from working alone with a counselor, and we encourage this when it’s needed. This does not take the place of counseling for the couple and can continue during the process. Know when this occurs, boundaries are maintained for all involved to facilitate continued forward movement.

We often get calls from one person who wants to attend counseling with their partner, but their partner does not want to attend. We strongly encourage coming to counseling, even if your partner does not want to. There are changes you can make that help you function better. Very often these changes result in the relationship changing as well. Sometimes their partner comes in for treatment as well, and at others, they continue to refuse. Either way, you can be healthier because you worked to take care of yourself.

Below are some of the counseling services we offer for couples.

Marriage and Couples Counseling Services

It is a well-known fact that no two people are completely compatible with one another. Often each individual in a relationship has differing wants and needs that occasionally clash with the wants and needs of the person they are with. Unfortunately, sometimes these differences lead to catastrophic results. At Braden Counseling Center, we offer couples counseling services that are designed to educate both people involved to actively listen to one another and to be mindful of each other’s feelings. We also work to provide assertiveness training, how to rebuild trust and intimacy, and underlying attachment issues that may exist. Sometimes, it is beneficial for each person in the relationship to have individual therapy to go along with their couple’s counseling, and we encourage this when it is necessary. However, regardless of if it is through couple’s therapy, individual therapy, or both, we pledge to maintain boundaries, and help everyone move forward toward a brighter tomorrow.

Typically, the type of couple’s therapy that we see most often is marriage counseling. It is not uncommon for two people to begin to drift apart, no matter how many years they have been together. People change over the years, and it is not always easy for their partner to change with them, or to accept the changes that they are seeing. At BCC, our experienced counselors will listen to how you have drifted apart and offer solutions on how you can begin to come back together. Most importantly, we do not assign blame or make someone feel as everything is their fault. We are committed to assisting each individual in finding what they can improve on to begin recapturing the magic that first brought you two together.

Domestic Violence Counseling

Braden Counselling Center also specializes in domestic violence counseling, and helping individuals find a way to stop their aggressive behavior. Domestic violence can present itself a variety of ways, including physical abuse, repeated name-calling, isolation, intimidation, sexual abuse, and domination. It may happen all the time, every so often, or even once, but whatever the case, it is a complicated and learned behavior that needs to be addressed and treated immediately. Each team member that treats domestic violence has undergone 40 hours of domestic violence training, and 20 hours of partner abuse intervention program facilitator training, both of which are court approved.

Counseling Services for Divorcing Couples with Children

Sometimes marriages do not work out the way we want them to, and divorce becomes the only option. This process can become especially complicated when there are children involved. If this is the case, it is necessary for a custody evaluation to take place, in order to determine the best place for a child to live moving forward. At BCC, we take into account each child’s age, level of development, and which situation will provide the most stability in their lives. We understand that each parent is important for their kids, so we pledge to assume nothing going into the evaluation and provide honest and unbiased results. Furthermore, we can help each parent learn how to successfully parent their children, now that they no longer live with their partner. Children need structure and discipline, but also need room to explore and grow. If you are unaware of how to provide those needs, we can assist you.

Substance Abuse Counseling for Couples

Another problem that faces couples all over our country is substance abuse by one or both people in the relationship. Braden Counseling can provide you with a substance abuse counselor that understands the addiction you are facing and has been trained in how to help you begin the road to recovery, while still being a productive parent and spouse. Our counselors are highly trained, knowledgeable, and certified by the state of Illinois to ensure that you are receiving the best treatment to address your problem. Through communication and honesty, our experienced substance abuse counselors will formulate a treatment plan that works for you, so you can be the person you want to be.

Alcohol Related Counseling Services

Illegal drugs are not always the only problem when it comes to substance abuse, however. It is not uncommon for one or both members of a relationship to develop a dependency to alcohol. If you require alcohol counseling, contact us today and start the recovery process now. It is vital that you are honest with not only the counselor, but with yourself as well, because the only way you can begin to heal is through honesty and trust. The alcohol treatment program that we provide is very similar to the substance abuse program, and the goal is, of course, the same. We will help educate you on how to cope with your problem, quell your urges, and begin to become the person, parent, and spouse that you strive to be.

Trauma and PTSD Counseling Services

Braden Counseling also has team members that have been trained in trauma counseling. Trauma is a complicated feeling, one that can affect both the person experiencing it, as well as the person in the relationship with them. Trauma informed therapy is a process that is based on listening to our clients, understanding what they are going through, and empathizing with their current situation. By doing this, it shows that we are not treating you as a statistic, but rather someone who needs to be heard. Our experienced trauma counselor will approach the treatment as something has happened to their client, not that something is wrong with them, or that they are a burden on the people that they love, including their spouse. Trauma focused therapy is a safe and therapeutic environment that is a perfect way for clients to begin recovering. Counselors will build a rapport with you, and through that connection, find the best way for you to heal.

Couples counseling can be difficult, but it can also save your relationship. It is important that you learn to grow together, communicate with one another, and understand that you are both individuals as well, each with their own wants, needs, and desires. Contact one of our counselors to schedule an appointment and let us help you how to grow as an individual, a couple, and as a family.

We offer couples counseling services in Bartlett, Sycamore, Geneva, Elgin, Oregon and Rochelle