Does Therapy Help? How EMDR Therapy in Rochelle, IL Helps Trauma

Does Therapy Help? How EMDR Therapy in Rochelle, IL Helps Trauma

In the 1980s, a doctor by the name of Francine Shapiro discovered a connection between our eye movements and any persistent, upsetting memories we have. Her work led to the development of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.

How exactly does EMDR work? Does therapy in Rochelle help, particularly when it comes to trauma or PTSD? Let’s learn how EMDR therapy can make a difference in treating trauma.

A Brief Description of EMDR Therapy

EMDR is not a traditional talk therapy like other popular types of therapy. It’s more of a mindfulness-based therapy, and it has eight distinct phases of treatment. These phases include history taking, client preparation, traumatic memory assessment, targeting the memory, and evaluation of results.

Overall, EMDR works by stimulating the brain in a way that helps the client process memories they may not have before and therefore start the healing process. Through EMDR, the idea is that people can work through disturbing memories, sensations, or emotions. They can adapt and ultimately resume normal and healthy processing.

Is EMDR the Best Therapy for Trauma in Rochelle?

Research suggests that EMDR can be effective for treating PTSD as well as other, less chronic traumatic experiences. In some cases, it can also benefit other conditions associated with anxiety, such as general anxiety disorder or panic attacks.

While further study is necessary to completely understand the efficacy of EMDR, it has demonstrated benefits. Particularly, those suffering from PTSD who have difficulty talking about and articulating their trauma have found comfort and help in EMDR.

Some studies have even shown that EMDR could be more effective for those struggling with trauma than Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Most importantly, it appears that the results and effects of EMDR can last for some time. Those who participate in EMDR for PTSD or other trauma could be less likely to experience future roadblocks in their progress. According to a 2015 study, participants following an EMDR protocol were less likely to experience relapse in the year following treatment.

How to Find a Therapist for EMDR

If you’re considering EMDR therapy help, it’s crucial that you find the right practitioner. It’s a good idea to start by looking for a clinician that’s specifically trained in this form of therapy. From there, don’t be afraid to ask your prospective therapist some questions.

You can ask about how long they’ve been practicing, their success rate, and if they have any experience treating your specific symptoms. If they seem like a good fit, don’t hesitate to ask them some preparation questions, too. These could be along the lines of how many sessions you’ll need and what you can expect after each session.

Get EMDR Therapy in Rochelle Today

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