Elgin IL Psychiatric Services

At Braden Counseling Center, it is our desire for every individual to reach their full potential. We love providing insight into ways to lessen the stress in life. We now achieve this goal with the help of our professional psychiatric services from our Elgin location.

Just think of learning a sport or playing an instrument. Most people cannot do either in a high functioning capacity without guidance, such as a coach or teacher who works along with you. This is similar to handling those low times in our lives when pressures and stresses become overwhelming. There is help for everyone, and our psychiatric services are here for you.

In addition to psychiatric services, Braden Counseling Center has been treating people with behavioral health programs and services, too. No matter the problem, whether it is behavioral or other, our comprehensive psychiatric services will see those in Elgin through to a new tomorrow.

For many people, living with high levels of stress and anxiety is an everyday occurrence. By enlisting the help of a caring psychiatric provider, you can move closer to feeling good. Whatever the problem, let our professional staff at Braden Counseling Center take over, and put a proper plan in place for you.

Psychological Testing and Assessment at Our Elgin, IL Location

Some in Elgin might be required to undergo a court-ordered psychological evaluation. There are many reasons for such assessments, and none of them is anything to be ashamed of. You have been caught up in a problem that needs fixing. How many times have you been to your primary care doctor when you are sick, for example, and they must examine you physically to figure out what it wrong? A psych evaluation provides more information concerning the state of your mind. A psychiatric provider will want to examine your mind to help you get better.

Lessening the Stress

As a result of stress, some seek destructive modes of behavior. These can alleviate the symptoms of stress for a while, but they do not eliminate the stress itself, so it continues to affect the mind. At Braden Counseling Center in Elgin, a psychological evaluation is the first step in discovering the problem, then moving towards healing. We use modern, tried-and-true methods to address stress and psychiatric issues, and how to deal with them.

Child Psychological Evaluation

While children are often considered happy-go-lucky and out to have a good time, this is not true for all children everywhere. For some, nothing could be further from the truth, and if adults have a hard time dealing with the troubles in their lives, just think what similar pressures can do to children. Children face stress every day, and often act out in very destructive ways. Typically, they do not understand what is happening to them, and so they ignore their emotions or are unable to communicate them.

If you see a child falling behind in school, it is not always because they do not like their teacher. They might be involved in family traumas, such as a divorce or a death. There could be bullying in school or online, or they may have a physical reason for it. If your child in Elgin is acting out in any way, now might be the time for a psychological assessment.

Do not believe for one minute that there is nothing that can be done. An increasing number of resources and methods are available for getting to the heart of a child psychological evaluation. At Braden Counseling Center, we are familiar with all the latest services for children and adolescents.

Factors Concerning Any Psychiatric Evaluation in Elgin

Any good evaluation is broken into four components:

The Therapist – This is the person who will get to know you from the inside out. They are responsible for getting to the root of an issue and applying the methods that will help you best. The therapist must know your history to evaluate correctly.

The Client – Every patient must be as open and truthful about themselves as they can for their lives to change. Understanding not only that changes will happen, but that they must happen, is a critical part of any therapy.

The Psychiatric Provider – This person needs to have extensive knowledge about what types of psychiatric medicine are appropriate for the client, and what will bring about desired results.

Trust – Trust comes from both sides. It will take time and patience to move beyond where you are right now. Both the therapist and the client must trust in each other for that to happen.

Our Main Assessor, Amy Adams

For any psychiatric services you might need, Braden Counseling Center is proud to say we now have Amy Adams on our side. Amy comes to us with over 25 years of proven psychiatric services to her credit. She has many degrees and certifications (MSN, APN, FNP, PMHNP) and has experience in treating people with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and schizophrenia. Her plan of care will be created for you individually to get you into a better place.

Start Down the Path to a Better Tomorrow

At Braden Counseling Center, our behavioral programs and services are widely known and respected. Since 2002, our professional staff has been helping people by responding to the needs of the community. Our substance abuse, chemical dependency, and mental health services have helped treat hundreds of clients. With the addition of our psychiatric services, we are now better able to reach more people.

If you or a loved one might benefit from our psychiatric services, contact one of the five offices of Braden Counseling Center today. In addition to our Elgin location, we also have offices in Bartlett, Rochelle, Geneva, and Sycamore. There is no shame in getting better, and you do not have to face your fear alone. Too often, mass media can denigrate real mental health programs. The reality is that psychiatric services can be an essential part of understanding a client and securing a better future.