EMDR is Effective in the Treatment of Chronic Depression

EMDR is Effective in the Treatment of Chronic Depression-min

Everyone gets sad from time to time. But sometimes you’re suffering from more than just a bad day. As the days go by without relief, you may realize you have chronic depression.

Chronic depressive disorder is a condition that you should take seriously. If you’re chronically depressed, it’s unlikely that these feelings will go away on their own. But the pills and the therapy may not work in your case.

EMDR is an uncommon type of therapy that has impressive results.

What Is Chronic Depression?

Depression comes in many forms and flavors. There is seasonal depression or major depressive disorder. Chronic depression (PDD) is when your symptoms last for 2 years or longer.

As such, chronic depression symptoms can make it difficult to live everyday life. It may interfere with your work, your hobbies, or your relationships. It leads to low energy, trouble sleeping, and general feelings of hopelessness.

The standard treatments for PDD include medication and psychotherapy. But unfortunately, some people may not experience changes in their chronic pain and depression after these typical methods.

What Is EMDR?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This type of therapy combines elements of psychotherapy with REM stimulation.

Like psychotherapy, EMDR tries to identify the source of your issues. It digs deep into your history concerning traumatic memories that may be influencing your condition.

However, where EMDR differs is that it uses bilateral stimulation to reduce the trauma associated with memories. The result is that traumatic experiences and other negative influences have a lessened influence. Your chronic depression symptoms then become much easier to manage.

Is EMDR Effective in Treating Chronic Depression?

Yes. EMDR is especially effective for those who suffer from PTSD as well. Even without PTSD, many chronic depressive symptoms can be exacerbated by traumatizing memories.

Many have never heard of EMDR before and may assume that it’s an unproven form of therapy. However, scientists have already conducted many studies on the practice. Some have shown that EMDR is far more effective at treating chronic depression symptoms than alternative treatments.

Again, you may struggle to find an effective treatment for chronic pain and depression. Medication and standard psychotherapy may not have worked for you. In this case, EMDR may be a great way to get the treatment you’ve been in search of for so long.

Try Out EMDR Today

Chronic depression is a debilitating mental illness with symptoms that can last for years. Psychotherapy and prescription medication is the common treatment, but it may not be effective for all those who make use of it. In that case, EMDR may just be the lifesaving treatment you need for your chronic depression symptoms.

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