Expert Geneva, IL Counselors Show How Trauma Counseling Can Help You

Geneva IL Counselors Show How Trauma Counseling Can Help You

It’s estimated that 70% of adults in the US have experienced some form of a traumatic event in their lives.

Leaving traumas unresolved can lead to severe psychological effects such as PTSD and anxiety.

This is where trauma counseling from certified and expert counselors in the Geneva area can help. Trauma therapy, and trauma-focused therapy, are designed to help anyone who’s had to deal with a traumatic incident.

Below, we discuss the benefits of trauma counseling.

What is Trauma Counseling?

Trauma counseling can help you recover and cope with an ongoing or past trauma that is causing you significant anxiety or distress. Especially if it’s preventing you from completing your day-to-day tasks.

Many people can experience symptoms such as:

  • Nightmares or disordered sleep
  • Physical symptoms (headaches, stomach aches, and pains in body)
  • Anxiety or fear of everyday situations
  • Outbursts of rage or anger
  • Emotional mood swings
  • Survivor guilt
  • Sudden sweating and heart palpitations
  • Difficulty trusting/believing others
  • Depression
  • Flashbacks or dissociating
  • Easily startled or scared by noises/touch
  • Increased use of alcohol or drugs
  • Eating disorders (binging or restricting)

All of these symptoms or conditions caused by trauma can be debilitating and prevent people from leading normal and healthy lives.

Start the healing process today by choosing trauma counseling.

The Benefits of Trauma Counseling

Trauma counseling can help you with facing up to the traumatic event in your life and learn effective coping mechanisms. Whether this is childhood trauma, or something that happened to you in adulthood, all traumas can be addressed.

It provides you with a safe space to work through your thoughts and feelings with a trained counselor from the Geneva area, allowing you to process your emotions.

Here are some of the main benefits of treating trauma through therapy.

Improves Your Coping Methods

When people experience a traumatic incident, they can be conditioned to want to run away from situations, instead of trying to tackle things head-on.

In terms of the “flight or fight response,” people who are affected by trauma will pick flight to protect themselves emotionally.

Trauma therapy can equip you with building your confidence and allowing you the tools to deal with situations.

It instills a sense of belief in yourself, giving you the strength to be present and function.

Allows You to Build Trust

If you’ve been affected by abuse, rape, assault, or an accident, you might want to close yourself off from the world around you in Geneva. Trusting people can be extremely hard if you’ve been badly let down by others.

Trauma therapy allows you to recognize that you can put your faith and trust in others again. It’s a gradual process, but it will teach you to recognize that people aren’t all bad, despite your own experiences.

Offers Validation

People who have experienced others challenging their own perception of their trauma might have been gaslit– e.g. told their emotions or reactions are not valid.

This can be incredibly damaging for someone’s recovery. Trauma therapy gives validation to those who’ve experienced traumatic events.

They are able to recognize that their reactions and emotions were correct and gives them the space to start healing.

Trauma Counseling: Are There Options in the Geneva Area?

Trauma counseling can bring closure and acceptance to those that need it most.

It can equip you will all the necessary emotional tools so you can get back out in the world and start living the life you want.

If you would like more information on the types of trauma counseling we offer at our Geneva location, contact us directly.