Geneva Driver's License ReinstatementHave you or a loved recently received a DUI and not known where to turn? A DUI is a serious offense and you are right to have questions.

The question asked more than any other is, “Will I go to jail?” This is followed closely by “How long will my driver’s license be suspended for?”

At Braden Counseling Center in Geneva, we have the answers to all of your suspended license reinstatement questions.

Geneva DUI License Reinstatement Services

Receiving a traffic ticket is one thing, being arrested for DUI is something else altogether. Perhaps you were not intending to drive but did and got pulled over. It is shocking that it happened to you, and now you are not quite sure what to do. If you live in Geneva, reinstating your license after a DUI can be difficult, but not impossible.

You will not be able to go at this alone. There will be paperwork, hearings and evaluations to get through, and you need help preparing all of it. This is where Braden Counseling Center comes into play.

Suspended or Revoked?

For residents in Illinois, including in Geneva, there is a big difference between a DUI driver’s license suspension, and a DUI license revocation. If your license is suspended, you do not need to schedule a hearing at the driver’s facility. You only pay a reinstatement fee. This does not happen all at once, though, so it could be some time before you are driving again.

You will be advised how long your suspension will be. You are also advised to send in your fee 45 days before the date you should get your driving privileges back. Once you do that, and your reinstatement date arrives, you still cannot drive until you have been notified by the Secretary of State.

If your license is revoked, you have bigger problems. For a license reinstatement, you will be required to attend a hearing with the Hearing Officer. If you are facing one DUI arrest, your hearing will be informal. If you have two or more DUI arrests, your hearing will be formal.

Whether your hearing is informal or formal, you will be required to have a DUI evaluation done before your case can be closed. You also will have to agree to DUI treatments as well. Both of these can be handled by our expert staff at Braden Counseling Center.

What Braden Center Can Do for You

At Braden Center, we help people like you every day. We know the fears and frustrations you are facing, and our programs are geared to helping you get your life in order. Our Geneva location has the paperwork and will submit fees for you as you go through the process of a license suspension for DUI or for a license revocation.

There will be documents to provide, and you will be classified in one of three levels for your DUI evaluation to progress. Each level of classification results in additional treatments and interventions that you must complete. In fact, most of your treatments must be completed before the Secretary of State will even look at your case.

For a revoked license, treatments must be completed, and paperwork submitted. Omissions or inconsistencies will lead to your request being denied, and you will be right back at square one. Let our Geneva location help you with your driver’s license reinstatement.

All hope is not lost when your license is suspended or revoked. It can be difficult. Depending on the severity of the offense, you might be looking at months before you can drive again. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the programs we have at Braden Counseling Center. Our expert counselors will help you with DUI, domestic violence, substance abuse, and more.

Do not let a DUI arrest ruin the rest of your life. A DUI license suspension is not the end of the world for those in Geneva. However, it might signal that you need help facing your future, in which case, we can help you do so. Let us help you get ready for all of your tomorrows.