Geneva IL Psychiatric Services

Not all stresses in life are hard to live with, but occasionally, we find the pressure mounting. Chronic stress can lead to depression, substance abuse, and more. If you are at a crossroads in your life, and are considering professional psychiatric services, look no further than Braden Counseling Center in Geneva.

The goal at Braden Counseling Center has always been one thing: to help you back to a full life once again, with new skills to help maintain balance. We have been providing services for DUI, driver’s license reinstatement, substance abuse, domestic violence, and anger management, for individuals, couples and families. Now, we are including comprehensive psychiatric services to the many things we do at our Geneva location.

The professionals at Braden Counseling Center are committed to providing you with proven paths to good mental health. We are licensed and qualified to perform evaluations and unbiased assessments of each of our clients. Our professionals are here to guide you and give counsel for all of your psychological needs. Trying to go through life’s challenges alone does not always work, nor should it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you contact us for psychiatric services in and around Geneva, IL.

Psychological Testing and Assessment

If you are ordered to undergo a psych evaluation in Geneva, know that we also do court-ordered psychological evaluations, among other evaluations and assessments, to determine how to help you. Just as your primary physician will examine your body for physical ailments, our staff will do the same for your mind.

Peace of Mind

If you or a loved one suffer from daily anxiety, there is help out there for you. Everyone experiences stress, but some people are better than others at handling it. At Braden Counseling Center in Geneva, we use a proven, modern approach to each psychological assessment to help you find serenity again. We get to the very heart of the matter, devise a plan for you, and help you to begin healing.

Child Psychological Evaluation

Living through stressful times is difficult enough for adults. For children, it can be much more challenging, as they are not equipped with past experiences to make sense of their situation. As a result, children often act out.

When a child falls behind in school, it is many people’s first inclination to suggest that they are lazy with schoolwork and should work harder. The problem could go far beyond laziness, however. Issues such as parental divorce, a death of a family member, vision or hearing problems, or bullying might be the cause of a child’s out-of-character or antisocial behavior. Our psychological testing and assessment providers in Geneva will get them the help they need now.

Components of a Psychological Evaluation

A psychological evaluation at our Geneva location has numerous components. These include:

The Therapist – This person must understand the client fully. He or she must learn what has led their client into the trouble they are dealing with, and what methods will best to help.
The Client – Every patient must be open and truthful about their life. He or she should explore what has led them to this moment and be willing to accept positive changes.
The Psychiatric Provider – This person is responsible for understanding which psychiatric medication might be needed to treat their client.
Trust – This is a two-way street. Both sides will need to spend time and effort focused on healing. For both, patience and perseverance reap great rewards.

Our Psychiatric Assessor, Amy Adams

Braden Counseling Center has procured one of the very best for any psychiatric evaluation that we perform in Geneva. With over 25 years as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Amy Adams has many certifications, and she is well-qualified to help those in need. Amy received her Master’s Degree from Illinois State University and psychiatric certification from the University of St. Francis. She has cared for patients across the life span spectrum.

Her additional training and experiences have made it possible for her to attain certification in family medicine as an advanced practice nurse. She has treated patients with bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and anxiety. Amy will create a caring environment and then develop a plan of care that fits your needs and your healing.

Contact Braden Center Today

At Braden Counseling Center, we care about our clients above all else. We have been providing behavioral outpatient health programs and services since 2002. Our hundreds of clients can attest to our effectiveness. We are a leading provider of behavioral health services in Illinois and are always striving to strengthen our relationships throughout the community.

With the addition of our comprehensive psychiatric services, we are opening up a way for more people to seek and find help. If you or a loved one feel you need psychiatric services, contact us today.

Throughout the years, TV, movies, and other mainstream media have portrayed the need for psychiatric help in a mostly negative light. As a result, seeking psychiatric help is sometimes perceived as admitting defeat or a sign of weakness. We see seeking help as a sign of courage and strength.

Everyone has problems every day. Coping with family, work, relationships, and for every problem that comes our way can be extremely stressful for even the most hardened individual. Whatever you think is the reason for your problems, and whether or not you think your feelings are justified, it is wise to get in touch with psychiatric professionals at Braden Counseling Center.

Schedule an appointment with us today. Our professional psychiatric services stand alongside our outstanding behavioral health programs. For all psychiatric issues including anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and more, let our professionals assess your needs. Get in touch with Braden Counseling Center in Geneva today, or contact one of our other locations in Rochelle, Bartlett, Elgin, or Sycamore. We are waiting to use our expertise to put you on the path to a better future.