Geneva, IL Substance Abuse Treatment: Debunking Myths About Substance Addiction

Debunking Myths About Substance Addiction

Different types of addiction require different counseling approaches to help substance abusers recover and maintain healthier, happier lifestyles. Unfortunately, some of the biggest obstacles that addicts face are myths that derail recovery, or completely prevent it.

Many addicts also deal with low self-worth, mental illness, and depression. These issues contribute to addictive behaviors. Treating the root causes of addiction helps substance abusers recover better and dispel myths that others might not understand about recovery.

Below, we discuss some of the biggest myths about substance abuse treatment, and why they are so dangerous to the recovery of someone suffering from substance abuse.

Myth 1: Drug Addicts Are Bad People Without Morals

Assuming that only bad people become addicted to drugs and alcohol can hinder the recovery process. Addiction is a disease and a physical dependence on a substance. The disease can affect anyone without regard to morals, behavior, social situation, or financial position.

Treating this illness requires examining triggers that lead people to abuse substances and therapy to overcome those triggers and build better life habits.

Myth 2: Rehab Doesn’t Work

While many addicts can expect relapse on the road to recovery, a slip doesn’t mean that rehab doesn’t work. Addicts respond to different therapies in different ways. Often, relapse within a year of sobriety is a minor setback and a reality check that reminds addicts of the need for ongoing support and focus on therapy and recovery efforts.

Rehab works, but it’s not a switch that flips on for an addict to be considered recovered. Arista Recovery is one such rehab center that understands this, taking steps to ensure patients are supported along every step of their recovery journey.

Myth 3: They Can Stop if They Want

While some people can quit smoking cold turkey, that’s rarely the case with addicts and substance abuse. For many, a sudden stop of their preferred substance can lead to intense detox symptoms and serious medical issues.

Addiction isn’t a choice and untangling from the hold of addiction takes more help than simply stopping the drug or alcohol and moving on with life. Addicts require the right treatment plan and substance abuse counseling support to stop and maintain long-term sobriety.

Myth 4: Addiction to Prescription Drugs Isn’t Bad

Some people believe that addiction to prescription drugs isn’t as bad as an addiction to drugs like heroin or meth. However, this is a dangerous myth with a misconception of a false safety implied by medications that a doctor can prescribe. If a doctor says it’s safe, it must be okay.

Abusing medicines like anti-depressants, opioids, and stimulants can be as dangerous as non-prescription substances. These drugs are easily accessible and result in long-term effects of addiction without proper treatment for the abuse.

Myth 5: Addicts Can Never Be “Normal”

While addicts will always need to work hard to stay sober, they can lead normal lives. With successful counseling for substance abuse, recovering addicts can return to successful careers, repair relationships, build new ones, and enjoy life.

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