How to Know You Need a Geneva IL Marriage and Family Counselor

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About half of all marriages in the United States end with divorce. However, it doesn’t mean that every marriage is doomed, but it does mean they aren’t easy either.

Relationships require work, and sometimes they feel really difficult to maintain. When you cannot get through on your own, you can always reach out for help in the Geneva, IL area.

Let’s go over some signs that you need a marriage and family counselor.

Consistent Fighting

All relationships have some disagreements. In fact, disagreements help maintain a relationship by instilling a healthy sense of independence, boundaries, and compromises.

With this said, they should not turn into heated arguments. If you find yourself angry, raising your voice, and almost never agreeing on anything, then you should seek out family counseling services.

Counseling can help you find the root of your frustrations. It can also help you two-state your wants and needs in a healthy way so you can find a compromise together.


Feeling resentful towards your partner shows a breakdown in emotional health. Feeling anger or frustration from time to time is okay.

However, resentment indicates a deeper-rooted issue. Maybe they hurt you in the past, and you need a therapist to help work through it, or maybe you resent them for something that stems from your own self.


A relationship should feel safe and secure. You should know that your partner will be there no matter what, and you should feel supported by them.

You might find yourself feeling jealous from time to time and laugh it off later. However, if this happens often and turns into legitimate fears, it will not be healthy for your relationship.

If you find yourself constantly worried about things, you may need mental health counseling. Working through it together can help sort out these fears. You might find that you are not actually afraid of the things you react about.


Partners should respect each other’s privacy. Privacy means that you keep some minute things to yourself.

However, neither partner should lie or disclose big things that could change the relationship. If you or your partner lie, then it can create bigger family issues when the truth comes out.

Plus, it shows a lack of respect and/or trust for the other person. A counselor can help you figure out why the lies exist and then work towards building trust in the relationship.

Absent Sex Life

Sex shows health in a relationship. It indicates a sense of passion and intimacy.

It indicates that you desire one another and make time to please each other. Sometimes, busy lives can kill any chance of a sexual relationship. These things happen. However, if you find yourselves opting out of it regularly, you should seek help in finding out why, especially if it displeases one partner.

Find a Family Counselor in Geneva, IL

Finding a family counselor does not mean that your marriage has failed. In fact, it shows effort in keeping the love alive for your forever after.

We want to help your marriage last. Contact us to set up family counseling session at our Geneva location and keep your marriage on track.