How to Make Stress Balls at Home

Make your Own Stress Balls at Home

DIY stress balls are beneficial to those of all ages – kids and adults! They are a quick and fun activity and can help with a multitude of different feelings one may be experiencing.

Learn the easy steps in this article and video on how you can make your own!

Stress balls can be used as a grounding technique when one is feeling anxious or stressed. It can also be used as a fidget-toy for those who have ADHD or find themselves easily bored/losing attention easily. It can also be helpful when one feels on edge or irritated, as it can help channel those negative feelings into the stress ball. Finally, they are just fun to play with!!

Supplies You Will Need:

  • Balloons
  • Rice or Flour
  • Funnel


  1. Stretch a balloon out with your hands
  2. Put the end of the funnel in the hole of the balloon
  3. Pour your rice or flour into the funnel, shaking it so you can get as much rice or flour into the balloon (this can get messy sometimes, pour slowly!)
  4. Remove funnel
  5. Tie balloon

You have a stress ball!!! 😊