At BCC our philosophy of “New Ways for Better Days” becomes a reality. An initial assessment session, usually 60-90 minutes, is usually the first step. During this time, you discuss your challenges and your goals of how you would like things to be. Your counselor will also talk with you about your history as sometimes there are factors that can influence your current situation that you didn’t realize were related. We provide counseling services for all ages, and encourage clients to have significant others participate as well, but this is not mandatory.

We practice on a strength-based model, identifying strengths and building resiliency. For clients who are dealing with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic medical illness, bipolar disorder, grief/loss, adjustment disorders (due to moves, transitions, life changes) we will work with you through these issues. We will teach self-advocacy, skill-building, increasing self-care and family/community support, as well as learning to advocate within the medical/mental health system.

We know if we can help you determine what skills you need, we can help you learn these skills. If we encouraged along the way, and help you make adjustments, you can reach your goals. Our intention is to help you not need us.