REAL ID – DUI Evaluations, the REAL ID license, and out of state DUI charges

At Braden Counseling Center, we know how important a driver’s license is to you. We want to bring you the latest information to keep you fully informed about your driver’s license. A key piece of information concerns the REAL ID license.

As of October 1, 2020, the federal government is mandating that all residents of Illinois who fly domestically use a valid US passport or obtain a REAL ID from the Illinois Secretary of State office. You can keep your standard license as is, but there are a few things to be aware of.

If you renew or upgrade your Illinois driver’s license before October, you may be in for a surprise. If you have had a DUI in another state, the system will catch it and bring it to the attention of those in Illinois who issue driver’s licenses.

How Braden Counseling Center Can Help You

For anyone without of state DUI charges, we offer DUI evaluations. Often, a DUI is the result of bad behavior that an individual no longer exhibits or bad judgment in the past. We understand that a DUI charge does not define a person.

Circumstances may have led you to make decisions you later regret. These should not stand in the way of your future. For all these reasons, the Braden Counseling Center offers DUI evaluations that are to be completed in one day.

To get through this DUI evaluation, we need you to bring specific documents or have your attorney send them to us. These documents are:

  • 1. Statutory Summary Suspension– this is typically given to you the same day you were arrested for DUI. If you do not have this paperwork, bring a copy of the police report with you. It provides details of your arrest, Blood Alcohol Content, and if you completed the test. Also, bring the document if you refused to be tested.
  • 2. Driving Abstract for Court Purposes– this can be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles. You must go to the facility with identification and there is a charge for this. You cannot use a driving record to find this info online.
  • 3. $100.00 Fee if Pre-Paid– if you believe you qualify for a reduced rate due to lack of income, please bring proof to that effect.

Ensure that your DUI evaluation is done as soon as possible. At Braden Counseling Center, we make it as easy as we can to help you with this process. Don’t think because you’ve had a DUI charge in another state, that it won’t show up in Illinois. It will come up on your record, so we recommend that you be prepared.

To have your Illinois license reinstated as a REAL ID license, you will need to go through a DUI evaluation. The system has recognized that you have DUI out of state charges, and you will need to address these.

For a REAL ID, Know Your Options

You DO NOT Need a REAL ID if:

  • You already have a VALID US passport
  • You are not interested in flying domestically
  • You have no occasion to visit military bases
  • You don’t visit secure federal facilities

Keep in mind that if you travel by air domestically, you will need either a valid US Passport or a REAL ID once October 1, 2020, comes around. Let our experienced counselors at the Braden Center provide you the proper DUI evaluations you need. It’s a process that we can help you through.

A DUI arrest impacts your ability to drive legally, but you have plenty of time to remedy any situation where you are facing out of state DUI charges. Our services offer you a free initial consultation and flexible scheduling. Our payment options are many and we offer same-day DUI evaluations.

Once your DUI evaluation is completed, we will submit the paperwork for a REAL ID license for you. Be in touch today for more information or to let us help you with a DUI evaluation and your REAL ID license.

If you have questions regarding DUI Evaluations please seek professional help.