Rochelle Couples Counseling ServicesOne of the things that people hold dear, is the relationship they have with the person they love. When problems arise, or if you have hit a rough patch, you may not see a way out. If you are looking for reconciliation, and are ready to begin the healing process, consider couples counseling for advice on how to overcome your obstacles.

Couples counseling services at Braden Counseling Center in Rochelle, teaches couples important skills on how to get back to the way things were through mindfulness, trust rebuilding, assertiveness, active listening, and much more.

It is never easy to take the first step in deciding you need outside help with your relationship, but by choosing an impartial couples’ counselor, you will be able to see things from your partner’s point of view and be able to hopefully resolve your differences and continue to build on your relationship.

Rochelle Marriage Counseling Services

On your special day, you vowed to your significant other to love and cherish them forever, but sometimes those vows are difficult to keep. If you are experiencing tough times in your relationship, counseling may be necessary.

It is recommended that couples go through marriage counseling together in order to maximize its effectiveness. You will be able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship, and your counselor can show you how to minimize suffering and maximize the love you share.

Child Custody Evaluations

For the unfortunate times when reconciliation is impossible and separation is imminent, figuring who will have physical custody of the children is typically a hot-button topic.

Our trained staff can conduct custody evaluations, which can be used in court during the custody battle.

Our experienced counselors can also complete evaluations on other issues such as:

  • Divorce Mediation
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Parental Visitations
  • Guardianship

Rochelle Abuse and Alcohol Addiction

One of the more difficult times a couple can experience is when one or both suffers from addiction problems. It can produce a lot of stress in the relationship, which can lead to other issues such as violence and abuse.

The first step toward recovery is seeking treatment. Our Rochelle substance abuse and alcohol counseling services are designed towards relapse prevention and are great outpatient programs.

Your substance or alcohol abuse history will be evaluated by one of our certified counselors, who will recommend the best way to proceed based on their experiences. We can provide outpatient counseling services and/or an intensive outpatient treatment program.

Our substance abuse counselors can offer a group session that is designed to show their clients how to manage the challenges they will face regarding their addictions, and how to prevent relapse. We pledge to help you find a way to move on from your addiction.

Domestic Abuse Counseling in Rochelle IL

If you are a person who abuses the people that they love, and have recognized the situation, the only way to overcome your issues is through learning how to break the cycle of abuse, by getting to the root of your abusive patterns.

Braden Counseling Center understands that abuse does not just happen to show up, and there are generally issues from the past that trigger this behavior. Typically, these are from traumatic or childhood events that have occurred during your life. No matter why they are there, we can help you overcome and understand what is happening.

Our knowledgeable Rochelle domestic violence counselors focus on creating long term changes that will improve the way you manage your emotions in a non-violent and healthy way.

We can help you create positive behavioral patterns by showing you how you handle yourself during times of conflict and stress. However, before you attend weekly group sessions, you will need to have a two-hour evaluation session first.

The state of Illinois will not consider your counseling program complete until you have attended 26 group sessions, provided you have been ordered by the court to attend.

Through respect, a mutual understanding, and most importantly open communication, you will begin to develop skills the deal with conflict when it arises.

However, if the abusive patterns are not addressed or overcome, they will more than likely continue or escalate. Therefore, if you are being abused by your significant other, contact us immediately. You will not find judgement, but rather a way to start healing. We can help you get to safety and provide counseling services so you can overcome the trauma from the abuse that has been put upon you.

Rochelle Trauma Informed Therapy and Counseling

Only trained professionals should attempt to counsel those who are suffering from trauma. It is a complex issue and needs to be handled with empathy and sensitivity.

Trauma-Focused Therapy is a great way for counselors to hear what their clients have to say and try to understand them as individuals. We pledge to never treat you as a statistic, but rather an individual that deserves respect.

We will never ask “What is wrong with you?” but rather “What has happened to you?” so we can help guide you toward moving past traumatic experiences from your past.

Trauma counseling offers a safe, therapeutic, and comfortable environment for you to deal with trauma. One such counseling service is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

What You Can Do

You have already taken the first step to recovery by admitting that you as a couple could use help in recovering your relationship.

The next step you should take is getting in touch with the Braden Counseling Center.

Through our philosophy of “New Ways for Better Days” we can help our clients deal with addiction, abuse, mental illness, and issues that arise from trauma. After the initial session, we will be able to evaluate the best way to proceed for you both and teach you how to resolve issues in the future.

Our Rochelle, IL counseling services and help you with many different problems from DUI license reinstatement, all the way to mental health issues. It does not matter why you decided to contact us, we will give you the respect you deserve and will never judge. You will have peace of mind know that our staff is made up of trained professionals who will always have your best interests at heart.