Rochelle, IL Counseling for Depression at Braden Counseling Center

There are times when all of us have to deal with sadness. Depression washes over us, and we get the deep sinking feeling that it will never go away. In times like these, it is important to seek help for what you are feeling, because no one should have to live with that sensation. Braden Counseling Center has certified and trained counselors to help anyone get through their day, including the ones found at our Rochelle location.

With everything that we experience every day, it is no wonder why depression is becoming more and more prevalent. Life can be extremely overwhelming at times, from troubles at work, to possibly having problems with drugs, alcohol, or even the law. These are all things that affect us in our core, and it is not always clear how to handle it.

How to Identify Depression

If you are experiencing any of the following, you could be clinically depressed:

  1. An unshakable feeling of sadness all day. Children and teenagers will typically manifest this with irritability and anger.
  2. Things that once made you happy no longer do. This could be anything from the people you know to the activities you engage in.
  3. Your weight fluctuates greatly.
  4. Your appetite has changed greatly, whether overeating or not wanting to eat at all.
  5. Your sleep schedule has become unbalanced, either with too much or too little rest.
  6. An overwhelming feeling of agitation has filled your mind. You might also think that you are slower than usual.
  7. The simplest of tasks seem like a difficult undertaking.
  8. You have a sense of worthlessness, either from trauma from your past or something in your current life that has gone unsettled.
  9. A feeling of guilt from things in your life that you can no longer control.
  10. Negative thoughts never go away.
  11. Unexplained aches and pains never go away.
  12. Thoughts of suicide. Note that if these feelings persist, seek help from a crisis center or one of our counselors no matter what time of day.

When suffering from depression, teenagers will seem more angry, irritable, and very grouchy. In men, you might see them unable to express their feelings, usually because they think that having strong emotions is a sign of weakness and try to ignore them. With males, depression will manifest in alcohol abuse, substance abuse, aggression, and anger.

Depression is a very real issue, and it affects everyone differently. Even age and gender play a role in how we experience depression. Counseling for depression and anxiety, like what you can receive at our Rochelle, IL location, can help you cope with your feelings.

Contact our Rochelle, IL branch if you think you might need counseling for depression. You no longer have to feel worthless, sad, and like you cannot make it through the day. We are here to help you. Through Braden Counseling Center, you will find ways that can lead to you making these feelings disappear forever.

What Our Rochelle, IL Depression Counselors Will Do for You 

Depression counseling is just a phone call away for those living near Rochelle, IL. Our goal at Braden Counseling Center is to help teach you techniques that will get you through the day successfully. You will be able to live your life the way you want without the need for alcohol, drugs, or reacting to your life in a destructive manner.

Over the years, we have assisted many clients to live their lives to the fullest, and we can help get you there too. The Rochelle office can offer you:

  • Counseling and Medication Services– There are a variety of ways that we can treat our clients. Our Rochelle, IL location houses extremely qualified local counselors for depression, and they are available to speak with you.
  • Flexible Scheduling That Includes Weekends – We understand that everyone has a life to lead, and that means you might not be available Monday through Friday during work hours. We can find a time that works for you.
  • A Free Initial Consultation – Visit our Rochelle location and allow us to evaluation you. We can see what we can do to help ease your pain.
  • Verify Your Insurance Benefits– We want our clients to know exactly what will be expected of them monetarily and want it to be manageable for them.
  • Cash and Credit Card Payments– We offer flexibility in payment options.
  • Same-Day DUI Evaluations – If you have gotten a DUI, we can evaluate you that day, without delay.

There are times when counseling sessions will be enough to help you quell the feelings of depression. Other times, medication might be a more effective treatment plan. If your symptoms are not as severe as others, you might be surprised to learn what counseling sessions can do for you.

Another effective treatment option is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is a great way to make changes in the way you act, think, and feel. The therapy will interrupt your destructive cycles, providing you freedom from the things that have caused you depression, and the symptoms that have caused it.

The counselors at Braden Counseling Center have been trained in the techniques of helping you figure out the root of your depression. Once they have an idea of the cause, they will help you create a plan moving forward that will be the first step toward transforming your life. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live each day with happiness and the expectation that good things will happen.

Our counselors for depression at our Rochelle, IL location can provide therapy to couples, families, or individuals. When everyone involved works together, you would be surprised at how successful the results can be. Our counselors will identify your vulnerabilities and your strengths, and they will teach you ways to get rid of unwanted behaviors.

For those suffering with depression, please understand that it affects more than just you, but your family and friends too. The depression counseling program at Braden Counseling Center will help families learn how to communicate and start to move toward a harmonious relationship. Helping you overcome challenges is our specialty.

Use the symptoms outlined above to evaluate if you or someone you love might be suffering from depression. Please do not feel that you are alone. Our counselors are waiting to hear your story. At Braden Counseling Center, we pledge to help each of our clients to find a way to lift the fog around them. Contact us today and move forward with your life.