Rochelle, IL Driver’s License ReinstatementIf you live in Rochelle, IL or its surrounding areas, what do you do when you have had your license suspended, or even worse, revoked? Know right from the start that your ability to drive is going to be impacted when you face a DUI arrest.

For a DUI license suspension in Rochelle, you will not need a suspension hearing, only to pay a fee to get your license back. Even so, you will not be able to drive until the Secretary of State notifies you that you can.

If your license is revoked, the process is different. Do not expect to get your driver’s license back any time soon. You will be required to attend a hearing, either informal or formal, depending on how many DUI’s you have had.  A DUI license reinstatement is possible for those in Rochelle, but only if you are willing to do the right thing.

DUI Driver’s License Suspension and How it Effects Rochelle Residents

In Illinois, losing your driver’s license either through suspension or revocation can impact your whole way of life. Getting to work, dealing with family, and just living day-to-day becomes significantly more difficult. Suspended license reinstatement for Rochelle residents is not that difficult to get through, but a license revocation is another animal.If you have been arrested for a DUI only once, an Informal Hearing is scheduled. If you have been arrested for DUI two or more times, then you will have to go before a Formal Hearing board. There is a $50 fee you must pay, then a wait of 3-6 weeks.


At Braden Counseling Center, we not only have the forms, but also the help you will need to get through this. We are here to work with you to get you the treatment sessions you need to have your revoked license reinstated. In Rochelle, reinstating your license after a DUI is a slow process, but there is hope for you.

How Braden Counseling Center Will Help You

As stated before, for one DUI arrest, an Informal Hearing is required. For two or more DUI arrests, you are looking at a Formal Hearing. It does not matter which hearing you have; you must first have a DUI evaluation. Both a DUI evaluation and DUI treatments are available at our Rochelle location.

The Secretary of State has a program in place for DUI license reinstatements. This program is your opportunity to prove to the Secretary of State that:

  • You are properly classified by your evaluators
  • You are receiving proper treatment
  • You have a problem with alcohol
  • You understand the effects of alcohol on your mind and body
  • You know about alternatives to alcohol use
  • You accept lifestyle changes to get on with your life
  • You attend support groups

All of the paperwork needed to move ahead with your driver’s license reinstatement is prepared by Braden Counseling Center, including at our Rochelle location. We make sure that there are no omissions, inconsistencies in alcohol use or history, drinking patterns, or contradictions that will get your hearing denied by the Secretary of State.

At Braden Counseling Center, we will help you win your driver’s license back, and we will help you put your life back on track. We have the paperwork and the expertise; you are the one who needs to make it all happen. If you have any questions regarding the entire process, we are happy to answer.

Keep in mind that the majority of your treatment must be completed prior to your hearing. If you are classified as substance-dependent, additional documents will be expected relating to your support network, including being sober for 12 months.

Moving past a license suspension for DUI in Rochelle will take time. It can be difficult. However, our staff at Braden Counseling Center is here for you. We have an outstanding reputation with the Secretary of State, and we know what to do for you. We will work with you to ensure that everything is done and correct before you go into your hearing.

A driver’s license reinstatement is possible for those in Rochelle. Turning your life around is also possible. Braden Counseling Center can help you make it happen.