Signs Your Child is a Bully and How to Prevent It

Signs your child is a bully and how to prevent it

According to the National Bullying Prevention Center, just over 20% of kids get bullied at school. While many parents worry about their child getting picked on, a smaller percentage of them fear that they actually raised the bully.

Do you suspect that your child is a bully? If so, you need to learn the warning signs and how to stop that behavior.

Warning Signs

A bully refers to a person who habitually seeks to intimidate, overpower, or harm others. They often pray on people they perceive as vulnerable.

What clear signs can you look for to see if your child is a bully?

  1. Arrogance

Many bullies overcompensate for their lack of self-esteem with arrogance. Do not mistake this with children who show healthy pride in their accomplishments or brag a little when excited.

Arrogance looks like an inflated sense of self-importance during every situation. They exaggerate achievements and even lie when they fail. They outwardly look down on others as a way to boost themselves up.

  1. Control

Bullies crave control. Unlike with leaders, if it is not freely given, then they will gain it by intimidation or force. A manipulative child bully will even take control with adults, like their teachers and even you.

  1. No Accountability

Young children will often pass blame for fear of consequences, but a bully will never take accountability for their actions. If your child blames others for everything that happens, this should raise a red flag.

  1. Lack of Empathy

Empathy allows us to relate to the feelings of others. Bullies often lack remorse for the pain that they inflict on others. If your child seems apathetic when others get hurt or cry, then they need help

How to Stop Child Bullying

While the thought of your child becoming a bully might seem horrifying, they are still your child. You love them, and they need professional help.

Waiting for a therapist to work through it with them might make you feel helpless. So, after you set that up, take measures to help from home.

Watch them closely and inform their teachers about their behavior. Teachers can play a major role in influencing your kid’s behavior. In case, however, you feel the teachers seem negligent, maybe it is time to change the school, for good.

You can possibly look for options similar to jacksonville christian schools, where your child can receive individual attention. It can likely provide him/her with a positive environment and he/she can get rid of the bullying habits without even realizing it.

In addition, talk with your child. Ask them why they do it. Allow them to feel heard without judgment and ask how you might help them.

You might find that they also get bullied and take control in the only way they know how. You might also learn about something that bothers them at home that you overlooked. You may also find that they suffer from a mental health disorder.

Seek Help if Your Child is a Bully

If your child is a bully, do not try to hide the situation. Every family struggles with something and it should not cause you to feel shame.

Asking for help in finding a solution shows character and bravery. It is often the only way to bring out the best in your child when they are deeply suffering.

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