Strategies for Coping with Work Anxiety

Up to 72 percent of employees say that they experience work anxiety. This certainly affects productivity and concentration while in the workplace.

However, what can you possibly do about your anxiety? The stress and depression that are worsened as a result of your anxiety have to be tackled.

If you don’t learn how to deal with anxiety at work, you’ll find that the condition takes a toll on your health over time.

Check out the effective strategies for coping with work anxiety.

Practice Mindfulness

Around 14% of Americans say that they have practiced meditation of some kind during the past year.

Taking the time to sit quietly and peacefully by yourself to breathe deeply can really help with your anxiety.

Yet, mindfulness isn’t only about the practice itself. It’s also important to take a moment to reflect on your thoughts and feelings when you’re going through anxiety.

Avoid Caffeine While at Work

Almost two-thirds of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis. When you’re in the office you’re probably offered a cup every hour or so.

However, if you’re struggling with anxiety, you need to cut back on your caffeine intake. Remember, caffeine is a stimulant that can make your anxiety even worse.

If you need a hot drink while you’re at work, stick to decaffeinated coffee or an herbal tea to keep you going throughout the day. Keep in mind that the latter can be of immense help not just in regard to relieving stress but improving overall health. Herbal tea seems to have the highest concentration of healthy compounds which can provide you with the energy boost you’re looking for. Plus, such teas can help you get a better night’s sleep, which, can in turn, ensure that you do not feel insomniac or tired.

So, as it can be understood, teas are much better than caffeinated drinks. Since many people know this, they often switch from coffee.

Relax and Take a Break

Over half of American workers say that don’t feel like they can have a proper lunch break while at work.

If you suffer from work anxiety though, you really need to ensure that you take a break and relax as much as possible.

Everyone relaxes in a different way. For instance, while some might prefer going for a walk around the park, others might play on some of the best casinos mobile out there (and maybe even make some money), and some might even try out yoga as a way to de-stress both the body and mind. Yet others might like to simply relax on their hammocks (take a look at the vivere collection if you are interested) after their work.

Anyway, keep in mind that just giving yourself enough time to recover can be enough to prevent your stress or anxiety from getting out of hand. Otherwise, you may become a victim of extreme burnout!

Keep Up with Physical Activity

Only around one-quarter of Americans are getting enough exercise. That means that most of us don’t do sufficient physical activity.

We know that sitting and not exercising has been connected with the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Because of this, you need to find ways that you can stay physically active while at work. That means taking the stairs rather than the escalator. Rather than sending your colleague an email, go over to say what you need to say to them in person.

Avoid Suppressing Your Anxiety

Finally, you may want to simply wish away your anxiety. Perhaps you believe that your stress and anxiety can simply be suppressed.

However, this doesn’t actually work. You need to find ways to accept your anxiety as part of who you are.

This may help you to deal with your anxiety without allowing it to get out of control regularly while you’re at work.

Avoid Suppressing Your Anxiety

Struggling with work anxiety is extremely difficult, but you shouldn’t give up on dealing with your condition. From staying physically active and practicing mindfulness, there are many effective strategies to help you cope with work anxiety.

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