Strategies to Help Stay Motivated

Strategies to Help Stay Motivated

A significant percentage of people cite willpower as the key reason they feel stuck. Willpower and motivation are very similar. Without motivation, it’s hard to find the will to accomplish things.

Alternatively, it’s hard to motivate yourself without the will to do so. It’s sort of like a job you need in order to gain experience, but you can’t get the job without the experience in the first place.

The result is you don’t feel like doing the things that you know you need to. Let our clinical mental health counseling professionals from Bartlett go over some motivation tips to help you address a lack of motivation and start to resolve some life issues. We hope the ideas below are insightful to you and bring a positive change.

The Fundamentals: How to Be Motivated

Motivation is a key part to your life in Bartlett. Usually, motivation guides us toward an achievable goal of some kind. Very few of us have an inherent motivation that exists without any reason or reward.

So, when you’re feeling unmotivated, ask yourself what’s changed. Have you lost sight of a particular goal? Is there something that’s shifted in your life, making it difficult to remember what your motivations were before?

It’s important that we sift through these thoughts, as difficult as they might be. Even if we can’t get into the exact frame of mind that we used to, we can refocus ourselves and find different motivators.

For example, a motivator that might come from reflection is the desire to “feel good again.” That’s a powerful motivator, and it’s very simple.

Things You Don’t Want to Do

No matter who you are, you’ll hit different walls when it comes to doing things you don’t want to. Some of us have a more difficult time than others, though.

In these situations, the best thing we can do is to remind ourselves of the purpose of the task. List the benefits of accomplishing this task and read them before you have to start doing it. You might even take a break and read your list to stay motivated.

For example, doing the dishes prevents you from cultivating harmful bacteria on your eating surfaces. This chore also feels good and makes your home look and smell nicer. Being proud of your living space is good for mental and physical health.

Addressing Additional Challenges

If you’re struggling severely to motivate yourself, you might have something else getting in the way. Different forms of neurodivergence or mental illness can make it very tough to get through tasks that don’t interest the individual.

Fortunately, therapy options can help people adjust to their particular obstacles and move forward.

Need More Motivation Tips? Contact Our Bartlett Office 

We hope our look at motivation tips was useful to you. The idea of motivation is complex, though, and some work with a counseling professional in Bartlett might be the best thing to move forward with.

We’re here to help. Contact us for more ideas on how to increase your motivation or address different life issues you might be having.