The substance abuse programs that we have at our Bartlett, IL location have been designed as peaceful settings, allowing for individualized attention from our counselors. Braden Counseling Center has a proven track record of helping our clients take a journey down the road of a productive lifestyle. We aim to teach you the skills to make your life more manageable.

Services offered through our Bartlett, IL substance abuse counseling sessions include:

  • DUI
  • Domestic Violence
  • Driver’s License Reinstatement
  • C.A.L.M.
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Individual
  • Couples
  • Family

How Substance Abuse Treatment Can Help

Often, personality traits play a big role in how one handles the pressures of life. Often, substances seem to be the only way to deal with a situation that is overwhelming, especially when you cannot get help from others. However, this becomes unhealthy and addictive very quickly.

While we do offer DUI services, our substance abuse treatment program can do a lot more for you than help you in court. You will receive treatment that is beneficial in a variety of ways. The aim is to help you attain the skills necessary for moving away from harmful behaviors.

When coming out of one of the treatment programs we offer at Braden Counseling Center, people often feel as overwhelmed as when they began, but in an entirely positive way. Our Bartlett, IL substance abuse counselors will do whatever they can to aid you in following your treatment programs.

Substance abuse problems lead to many different challenges, that only counseling can help. No one wants to backslide. While not a guarantee, our substance abuse programs are designed to prevent that from happening again, especially through those initial difficult weeks and months.

Substance Abuse Defined

Substance abuse is another name for drug or alcohol abuse. It can often lead to addiction and some level of dependency. Sometimes it is a struggle just to get through daily life once substance abuse has reached this level. Substance abuse typically leads to a breakdown, not only in oneself, but in family relationships, work, and school obligations. Other typical consequences include arrests, convictions, incarceration, and other legal difficulties.

Most of the time, people cannot do it alone, and asking for help from family and friends may come with more obligations than the individual can handle at that moment.

The counseling services we have at Braden Counseling Center can address all of these problems, because we are all about helping people put their lives back on track.

Treating Substance Abuse

At our treatment center, you will undergo substance abuse evaluation by one of our certified counselors in Bartlett, IL. The counselors that we employ are licensed by the state of Illinois and have the knowledge and training necessary to diagnose and evaluate substance disorders.

The assessment process gathers all of your information for the counselor to evaluate. This will include information from family and friends, provided you have given permission. After the assessment process, we will work with you to set a clear goal that will improve your life.

Our experts will examine your life, and we will pay attention to your expectations. Armed with this information, new objectives can start to emerge. Following this process is how an effective treatment plan can be formed by your counselor.

At our Bartlett, IL branch, in order for your substance abuse assessment to be successful, you will need to be as honest with your counselors as possible. Trusting your substance abuse counselor is paramount, as the only way they can help you move forward is by learning everything they can about you. Our experience and expertise will facilitate this process.

To provide effective, customized treatment, our team will evaluate many facets of your situation, including:

  • Past treatment history
  • Your preferences
  • Medication history
  • Family history
  • Belief systems
  • Physical health
  • Employment history
  • Education
  • Legal difficulties

If there is anything outside of these areas that you think your counselor should know, he or she will want to hear from you.

We know that there is nothing pretty about owning up to past wrongdoings, but it is essential for creating a treatment plan that will work for you. We understand that no two cases are the same and need to be treated singularly. Your substance abuse treatment options will be designed for you on an individual basis.

Bartlett, IL Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

One of the services we offer is substance abuse treatment and education that is catered toward those who choose to remain as outpatients. It also works for those who are coming off inpatient treatment and are readjusting to their new life. The world is full of things that can trigger you to return to your old ways, and no one understands this more than the counselors at Braden Counseling Center. Therefore, our goal is to see you stay on the corrected course that you have developed with your counselor.

Outpatient substance abuse counseling is determined through a clinical assessment to determine the program best suited to your needs. Your situation needs to be addressed immediately, and an outpatient program is an ideal way to do it.

Outpatient treatment is all about meeting in small, weekly group therapy sessions. We will add individual therapy if the situation requires it. Nobody wants to see a patient returning to old, destructive behaviors, so all of our outpatient programs are customized for each patient’s situation.

By receiving long-term recovery support, you will be establishing a new foundation for yourself. Recovery from one or more substances can take months, and sometimes even years, to achieve. No matter if you find yourself transitioning from inpatient care, or if you are seeking treatment while living at home, the substance abuse programs in our Bartlett, IL office will walk you through all of the steps that you need to get to that successful conclusion.

What Braden Counseling Center Can Do

In just the last ten years, millions of people have used an illicit drug. All over the world, including in America, drug-related deaths continue to climb. Some of this is related to alcohol abuse, but the majority concerns other drugs. We are determined that fewer people become part of these statistics.

Let the substance abuse counselors at Braden Counseling Center help you today. There is a way to live the life that you have dreamed of living, Braden Counseling Center can help get you there.