Sycamore Couples CounselingSome things are worth fighting for, and your relationship should be one of those things. Sometimes couples hit a rough patch or a disagreement where it seems like there is no way to resolve it amicably. Making the decision to turn to a counselor to help overcome obstacles as a couple is one way to get you both on a path to healing and reconciliation.

The couples counseling services at Braden Counseling Center in Sycamore, can help couples on the road to success by teaching valuable skills such as active listening, mindfulness, trust rebuilding, assertiveness and more.

It can be hard taking the step to seek outside help for your relationship. However, talking things through with an impartial counselor will help you both see issues in a different way and work towards resolving differences, continuing the relationship happier and stronger.

Marriage Counseling Services in Sycamore, IL

You have made promises to each other during your vows, yet suddenly it seems difficult to keep those promises. Counseling can be a way to heal the relationship.

Our marriage counseling strongly recommends that couples attend the counseling together as it is most effective this way. By identifying strengths and vulnerabilities within the relationship, the counselor will teach skills to maximize those strengths and minimize vulnerabilities.

Custody and Other Evaluations

For couples that have decided the best way forward is to separate, deciding who gets custody of any children can become a serious issue to be determined by the courts.

Sycamore custody evaluations can be carried out by our trained staff and is valid for presentation in court during a custody battle.

We are also trained and qualified to carry out evaluations for the following family issues:

  • Guardianship
  • Parental Visitations
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Divorce Mediation

Substance Abuse and Alcohol Addiction

Watching your loved one succumb to addiction is a harrowing and painful experience. It can put tremendous strain on the relationship, as well as give rise to other issues, such as abuse or violence.

Seeking treatment for addiction is the first step. Our Sycamore substance abuse and alcohol counseling are both effective outpatient programs that focus strongly on relapse prevention.

A certified counselor will evaluate your situation regarding substance or alcohol abuse and recommend the best way forward and method of treatment. We can offer an intensive outpatient treatment program and/or outpatient counseling services.

The Sycamore substance abuse counselor holds group sessions that focus on building skills to prevent relapse, and to manage the challenges that go hand in hand with substance abuse. Our aim is to support your commitment to leading a life that is free of addiction.

Sycamore Domestic Abuse Counseling

If you have recognized yourself as a person who abuses their significant other, getting to the root of your abusive patterns and learning how to break the cycle of abuse is the only way to overcome these issues.

We understand that being abusive does not come from anywhere and that there are always underlying issues that trigger the behavior. Sometimes these stem from childhood or traumatic events that occur throughout life. Whatever the reasons, we can help you understand and overcome them.

Our experienced Sycamore domestic violence counselors aim to create long term improvements and changes that enable you to manage emotions in a healthy and non-violent manner.

The way you handle yourself during times of stress or conflict will be understood and altered to create positive behavioral patterns.

Initially, you will attend a two-hour evaluation session, which is then followed by weekly group sessions.

If you have been ordered by the court to attend a counseling program, the state of Illinois will mandate it is completed once you have attended 26 group sessions.

By encouraging open communication, respect, and mutual understanding towards your partner you can develop skills to handle conflict in a non-violent and non-threatening way.

If abuse is not addressed and resolved, it is highly likely to continue or even escalate. So, if you think you are the abused one in a relationship, then get in touch immediately. We will not judge you, only help you on the path to healing.

If you are a victim of abuse, we can help you get to safety and offer counseling services to overcome the trauma of the abuse you have endured.

Sycamore TraumaInformed Counseling and Therapy

Trauma is an extremely complex issue, and it takes trained professionals to handle clients suffering from trauma with sensitivity and empathy.

Trauma-Focused Therapy works to understand the individual by listening and hearing them out. Also treating you with respect instead of as a statistic is the basis for our therapy.

We ask, “What happened to you” instead of “What is wrong with you,” and then develop ways to cope with and move past the traumatic experience.

This trauma counseling teaches skills for dealing with trauma in a safe, comfortable and therapeutic environment. Therapy strategies such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy aid in the healing process.

Next Steps

By recognizing that as a couple you could use a helping hand to recover your relationship, you have already taken the first step.

Getting in touch with the Braden Counseling Center is the next step.

Our philosophy is “New Ways for Better Days” so whether the issues is trauma, abuse, addiction, or mental illness, we will hold an initial session to determine the best course of action for you both, and ensure you gain the necessary skills to overcome things.

Sycamore counseling services offer assistance with a wide range of issues from mental health through to DUI license reinstatement. No matter the reason for contacting us, our vow is to treat all our clients with respect and not to judge. You can feel safe and secure in coming to us for help.

Leaving issues unresolved can lead to more significant problems, some dangerous so if you think you need someone to set you on the path to healing then we are waiting for your call.