Three Steps to Power Down Before Sleep

Three Steps to Power Down Before Sleep

During a survey on statistics, experts found that 22% of adults battle with falling asleep every night across the United States. Furthermore, half of all American adults have insomnia at least once a month.

Getting a good night’s rest is essential for optimal brain performance. When we are sleep deprived, our brains slow down, and mental fatigue makes it more challenging to recall things. What can you do to help ensure you get a decent night’s sleep?

Step 1: Stay Off Devices

One of the most common culprits that get in the way of a good night’s rest is our technology. If you find yourself scrolling Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram for hours before bed, this should be the first thing to change.

For example, the screens of our mobile phones emit blue light. This blue light interferes with our production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates our circadian rhythm, and as a result, our sleep-wake cycle is disrupted.

One way to combat this is to turn on the blue light filter many cellphones offer.

Step 2: Follow a Proper Sleep Schedule

Our bodies perform better when we work to schedule. If you find yourself battling to sleep, one way to improve your sleep patterns is to set a sleep schedule. This schedule should include a fixed bedtime and wake-up time.

If you have an erratic sleep pattern, you may find it a bit difficult to get used to a regular sleep schedule, but if you go to sleep and wake at the same times every day, you’ll find your body will naturally adjust, and your sleeping problems should start to ease up. Some sleep conditions, like sleep apnoea, can make setting a schedule much harder, but with one of the top rated CPAP machines, you should find you’re able to sleep through the night and stick to your new schedule.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that, according to sleep science studies, people tend to have different sleep patterns known as “chronotypes,” and these chronotypes can influence the optimal times for individuals to sleep, wake, and perform various activities throughout the day. Therefore, understanding your chronotype can provide valuable insights into tailoring your sleep schedule to align with your body’s natural rhythm. For example, those with the bear chronotype can delve deeper into this concept by searching online using phrases such as “Bear Chronotype: Sleep Patterns And Implications“. This search can help uncover specific details and recommendations tailored to their sleep preferences and lifestyle.

Step 3: Reconsider Evening Food and Drink

Finally, our last step to getting good sleep is to reconsider what you eat or drink late at night. You want to avoid eating too late in the evening so you can avoid going to bed feeling overfull.

This could lead to discomfort, which will interfere with your falling asleep on time. Conversely, you also don’t want to go to bed hungry, or you could still suffer some discomfort.

Of course, you should limit any food or drink containing alcohol or caffeine after lunch, if not entirely avoid it. Caffeine is stimulating, and its effects can last for hours. The later you consume a caffeinated beverage, the more it can interfere with sleep.

Other Tips and Strategies to Consider

  • Avoid taking frequent naps earlier in the day as it can disrupt your normal sleep cycle or your circadian rhythm (also known as your biological clock)
  • Taking a bath before bedtime can help you feel sleepy and it may feel more comfortable
  • Wearing the right nightclothes can also make a difference. Comfortable cotton or bamboo harem pants canada (or elsewhere) can feel very freeing.
  • Avoid clock watching, which can unintentionally keep you awake and can promote negative thoughts that can be a hindrance to falling asleep
  • Use a sleep diary to track your sleep patterns and use information that is logged in the sleep diary to see what conditions result in the best sleep quality
  • Make sure your sleeping conditions are optimal for you (e.g., lighting, noise, temperature)
  • To aid in a restful night’s sleep, consider taking a relaxant such as THC edibles before bed. Source it from a local weed delivery store and see whether or not it works for you as miraculously as it does for others.

Power Down Before Sleep for Optimal Mental Health Today

If you are not sleeping well at night, the effects of being sleep-deprived can interfere with your everyday life. If your body and brain are tired, doing tasks can feel more challenging than if you were sleeping well. Taking steps to power down before sleep is crucial to create healthy sleep habits.

If you feel your mental health is suffering, contact us today. We offer mental health services such as evaluations and counseling services.