Tips for Dealing with Anxiety from Our Oregon, IL Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Tips for Dealing with Anxiety from Our Oregon, IL Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Anxiety disorders are much more common than you might think. In fact, over 40 million people in the United States have some type of anxiety disorder, and most of them don’t have access to a mental health counselor.

Anxiety can make you feel worried, nervous, fearful, helpless, and more. These emotions can be so overwhelming that they interfere with your daily activities in and around Oregon.

So, what can you do when you start to feel this way and how do you move past it? Here are some tips on dealing with anxiety.

Mindful Breathing

One of the best ways to calm yourself down from an anxiety attack is to become conscious of your breathing. Controlling your breath will give you something to focus on immediately and help you turn your focus away from the negative feelings causing your anxiety.

There are many breathing techniques you can try to find what’s best for you. Instead of breathing in and out through your mouth, try breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth to help control your breath.

You can also count while breathing. For example, count to four when you breathe in and out. Keep your count equal for both your inhales and exhales.


Sometimes you need to get out of your environment and do some physical activity. In fact, research has shown that regular exercise does help to reduce anxiety symptoms.

If you don’t exercise normally, one of the easiest things you can do to create some movement is to go for a walk around Oregon. Moving your body and changing the physical elements around you can be a great way to re-focus your mind away from your anxious thoughts.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep is known to affect mood and mental health. Staying up late worrying can cause you to be sluggish and depressed the next day, making your anxiety even worse.

Sleep disorders like insomnia are actually caused by your anxiety. Getting enough sleep is crucial to improving your overall well-being.

Try using a noise machine or ambient, calming sounds, like rain, to help you get to sleep faster. Putting away your phone or computer a little while before you get ready for bed is also said to help you fall asleep better and faster.

Talk to Someone

If your anxiety is ongoing and overwhelming, it may be time to try therapy in the Oregon area. Talking to your family and friends is important, however, a therapist is trained and qualified to offer advice and techniques on how to manage and deal with your disorders.

Some counseling services even offer self-assessments so you can figure out what type of mental health issue you are currently dealing with. Once you understand exactly what you need help with, you can find the right therapist for you.

Dealing With Anxiety from an Oregon Counselor

There are many healthy avenues you can take when dealing with anxiety. A lot of these techniques, like going for a walk around Oregon, are able to help calm you down when you’re experiencing anxious feelings.

However, if you do have an anxiety disorder, it’s best to seek a consultation with a therapist to determine if therapy is right for you.

Take a look at our counseling services today for more information.