What are the Effects of Anxiety on Our Bodies

What are the Effects of Anxiety on Our Bodies

According to national surveys, 1 in 3 adults suffers from an anxiety disorder. For children ages 13-17, it is 1 in 5. That means a lot of people that need the help of a mental health counselor, and unfortunately not everyone can talk to one.

Many people suffer from anxiety and are unaware of the deleterious effects it can take on the body as a whole, as anxiety does not only affect you mentally.

Anxiety affects us all, both mentally and physically. A little anxiety can prevent you from entering a dangerous situation or putting your life savings in a bad investment. However, it can also prevent us from buying our dream home in Bartlett or taking a potentially prosperous job offer. The issue with anxiety is when we fail to manage it effectively.

Learn about the main effects of anxiety and what you can do to help rectify the situation.

Stress Hormones

Anxiety causes cortisol to be released into the body. When there is a real threat, this is a great thing.

Cortisol increases the glucose in your bloodstream while at the same time increasing the availability of substances that aid in repairing tissues. It also shuts down systems, such as the digestive system, that aren’t needed to handle this particular threat.

The problem with cortisol is when we live in a constant state of anxiety. When we never down-regulate and always stay in fight or flight mode, this is when we start facing the side effects of anxiety. However, there are ways to lower anxiety. You can consider talking to a healthcare professional who can prescribe you antidepressants. You have to take them as your doctor suggests for getting some promising results.

If you do not want to consume Prescription-Only-Medicines, then you can take other routes as well. You can consume marijuana. According to different studies, increasing your intake of cannabinoids such as CBD cause a change in the body’s chemicals, which helps in elevating your moods and soothing your nerves and muscles, allowing you to relax. But before you source any products, talk to a marijuana doctor and get a medical marijuana card. The first can help you to understand which products can be of help for your condition; the second can enable you to make purchases at discounted rates.

Respiratory Problems

An anxious person generally will experience difficulty breathing and many other effects of anxiety. What tends to happen is they inhale more than they exhale.

Taking in more oxygen while not exhaling enough carbon dioxide is problematic. The excess carbon dioxide can affect blood flow to the brain resulting in dizziness and fainting.

If you find your anxiety is affecting your ability to breathe effectively, please consider talking to someone who can help in the Bartlett area.

Immune System

The body needs to properly recover to stay strong and ready to fight disease. Constantly living in fight or flight mode weakens the immune system by never allowing it to return to a rested state.

The body’s inability to return to a rested state leaves the immune system weakened. A weakened immune system leaves you susceptible to illness. Remember, there are options you can take to make sure you do your best to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Muscle Tension

Anxiety can cause the muscles to tighten and contract. When we perceive a threat, the body prepares itself for action.

When we are constantly perceiving threats this can lead to muscle tension and body soreness because the muscles are contracting and tightening at a higher rate. This can lead to joint pain and other issues that are quite painful. And over time, this can build up and take the shape of arthritis and other critical joint and bone problems. These issues can start out very minor and become serious and persistent over time. In spite of the fact that these can be treated by getting in touch with an ortho urgent care provider, preventing them from occurring in the first place would be best.

This should especially be helpful in the case of seniors. Oftentimes, they suffer from bouts of anxiety; however, their reluctance to seek counseling for the same prevents them from effectively addressing their joint problems. As a result, they frequently need to rely on prescription drugs. Instead, they should see a professional for both, mental health as well as joint pain. For instance, elderly people can look for Dr. Timothy Francis DC Las Vegas, or a similar chiropractor for muscle pain and sprains but it’s also essential to not neglect stress and anxiety which is the actual cause of major health issues.

Most importantly, old people often fail to understand that anxiety buildup can not only cause joint problems but also hinder their mobility (they fail to look at the bigger picture). That is why they often have to take the help of in-home caregivers. Besides this, they can also be seen opting for home modifications, such as getting fixtures like walk-in baths (those interested to learn more about this can see some tips here) installed in their washroom to cope effectively.

Nevertheless, all these could have been dealt with, had they sought treatment for their anxiety in the first place.

Seeking Help in Bartlett for Anxiety

If you find yourself struggling to cope with the effects of anxiety there are many routes you can take to improve the quality of your life. Speaking to a licensed professional in Bartlett is one method that can be of tremendous value to you.

If you suffer from anxiety, do not let one more day pass without trying your best to get better. You owe it to yourself to live the best possible life you can.

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