What is Depression Screening and How Can it Help?

What is Depression Screening and How Can it Help?

Unfortunately, depression afflicts millions of Americans around the country, and that list is growing all the time, particularly in young people.  Another problem that many people face is that they might be unaware that they are suffering from depression at all.

So how can you tell if you are having a bad week or if it is a sign of something more? By undergoing depression screening.

Why is Depression Screening Necessary?

Unlike other afflictions, a doctor cannot run a blood test to see if you are suffering from depression. Therefore, it can be difficult to conclusively know if someone is afflicted, particularly if they are unknowing or unwilling to share what is bothering them.

The way that a doctor or therapist will diagnose depression is through a screening process. This involves a number of questions that they will ask, and based on your answers, they will have a better understanding of what is actually going on. It is similar to a standard psychiatric evaluation.

For obvious reasons, it is vitally important that you answer these questions as honestly as you can, because otherwise the screener will have faulty data to work with. If you are uncomfortable with a question, it is always better to vocalize it instead of lying.

The Causes of Depression

Depression is a complicated affliction that can affect us in a variety of ways. While at one time we thought that depression was caused by a chemical imbalance in our brains, this is not always the case.

As we have learned more about the disease, we are starting to see that genetics, our environment, and certain medications can also be the cause. We have also learned that depression and anxiety can lead to more problems down the road.

As you can imagine, with so many different ways that we can become depressed, there are also many different ways that we can treat it. By talking to you and learning more about your situation, your therapist will be able to come up with an effective treatment plan.

Is There Any Hope?

Depression can make us feel like there is no hope in our lives, and that nothing we could do or say can make things get better. There are many symptoms to look for if you think you or someone you know is suffering from depression.

Luckily, through various treatment options, depression will not have to overtake your life any longer. Your therapist will be able to see how depression is affecting you and come up with a step-by-step method to help you overcome your feelings.

Sometimes, medication is a great way to help keep depression at bay, but it is hardly a long-term solution. The only way that you can truly overcome depression is through taking the necessary steps with the help of a professional.

Take Back Your Life

Depression is a very serious disease that affects millions, if not billions, of people around the world. There is no shame in admitting that you might be afflicted yourself, and getting help is your first step to a healthier and fulfilling life.

If you think you might have depression, please contact one of our offices today.