What Will Happen at My DUI Evaluation?

What Will Happen at My DUI Evaluation?

DUI evaluations are given to those that have been arrested for a DUI to find out if they have problems with drugs and alcohol. With the evaluation, a treatment plan can be developed, and a judge can make a reasonable sentence.

These evaluations are typically done by an agency that the state has certified, but each state has different requirements. However, they’re all done to find out why a person wound up with a DUI, and with the goal of finding a solution.

Let’s delve deeper into what to expect at a DUI evaluation.

The DUI Evaluation Process


When you’re arrested and take a drug test for DUI evaluation, you will go through a screening process before going any further.

You’ll also have to take a short drug and alcohol assessment called the CAGE Questionnaire. This assessment lets others quickly identify if you have a drug or alcohol problem.

During the initial screening, if it’s determined that you don’t have a problem, you won’t have to go through extensive assessments and treatment programs like you would if you did have a problem.

Interview and Assessment

You can also expect to have interviews about your drug use, health, medication history, and what caused you to take the substance. These interviews allow treatment providers to come up with an appropriate plan for you.

There are two popular forms of assessment that are used: The Diagnostic Interview Schedule-IV (DIS-IV) and the Addiction Severity Index (ASI).

During the DIS-IV, you will go through an interview to find out if you have any psychological disorders that could drive you to abuse substances. You’ll be asked clear questions, that are easy to answer, to reach an accurate conclusion.

During the ASI, your interview will go more in-depth into your personal life to discover what could’ve driven you to abuse substances. Things like your employment, relationships, and drug and alcohol use will be questioned.

The ASI lets the interviewer cover topics that go several years back, so you could be asked if you’ve done drugs years ago. This is to take note of any relapses or persistence.


The outcome of a substance abuse evaluation can result in many things. You have the possibility of being required to go to Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, substance abuse counseling, drug testing, and more.

Depending on the severity of the case, you might have to go through an inpatient or outpatient treatment program to ensure that you successfully rehabilitate.

Failure to complete any evaluation or program will mean that you have violated your probation. This will encourage the judge to give you a harsher sentence, and you might not be able to receive a license until you complete a program.

Don’t Worry About Your DUI Evaluation

Having a simple alcohol evaluation or DUI assessment won’t ruin your world. They are designed to help you and give you a chance to rebuild your future.

During your DUI evaluation, you can expect to go through interviews and assessments to ensure that you don’t have any addictions or come up with a solution if it is found that you do.

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