Sycamore IL Psyciatric Services

At Braden Counseling Center, we are about helping you. We are fully aware of how stressful life can be. From financial difficulties to relationships, enduring your thoughts on these subjects on a daily basis can be paralyzing. You may not know the source of your stress, but an evaluation by us can help get you on the path to recovery.

Our services include domestic violence, driver’s license reinstatement, substance abuse treatment, and counseling individuals, couples and families. In addition to those, Braden Counseling Center now offers comprehensive psychiatric services at our Sycamore location. For every level of stress and fear you might be facing today, we have a way to break through your problems and create a path to a new tomorrow.

When you enlist the help of a psychiatric evaluation at Braden Counseling Center in Sycamore, you are one step closer to being healed. Our staff comprises of licensed professionals who undertake unbiased psychological assessments for all our clients. We want you to get back to a full life and our programs will help you take the necessary steps.

Sycamore Psychological Assessment

If you think you need a psych evaluation, there are many reasons why and no reason to feel ashamed or afraid of. Just like your primary physician will examine your body for a physical malady, a psychological evaluation is for your mind.

Stress Management

Life gets stressful for all of us. There are demands which must be met every day such as work, family, time constraints, relationships, etc. Learning to manage boundaries and obligations that come with living is what we do. Unfortunately, stress can often do a real number on our sanity and how we feel at any given moment.

At Braden Counseling Center, we are happy to let you know that we use the latest and most effective strategies for overcoming the stresses of life. The professional psychiatric services we offer in Sycamore get to the very heart of what is causing you difficulties. We develop a plan for you that will get you results.

Child Psychological Evaluation

We often see children as happy little people without a care in the world. In many cases though, nothing could be further from the truth. Children face doubts and fears in everyday life, just as adults do. However, because they are children, they are less likely to know how to work through such emotions.

For instance, if a child is doing poorly in school, people tend to think they are not working hard enough at their studies. There could be outside factors affecting them though. Divorce, depression, hearing or vision problems, the death of a family member, or bullying are just some of the things that can cause a child to feel boxed into a corner.

The psychological testing and assessment we will give your child in Sycamore will uncover what is going on in their mind. Our providers will help them toward a better tomorrow. Never make the mistake of assuming that a child cannot be helped through psychological evaluation and assistance. We recommend that you offer them the help they need now, just as you would for any physical ailment.

Factors in a Psychological Evaluation

There are components to every psychological evaluation from a counselor at our Sycamore branch. There is:

The Therapist – They need to fully understand their client from the inside out, in order to effectively treat their patients. What is it that has led this person to how they are feeling today?
The Client – Everyone needs to be open and truthful about their treatment in order to move towards healing. Every client should be open to what needs to change in their life in order for successful outcomes.
The Psychiatric Provider – This person needs to know all about medications that can be used to manage challenges of a client if needed.
Trust – Trust needs to be a two-way street. Without trust on both sides, it is difficult, if not impossible, to make good progress.

Get to Know Amy Adams

Braden Counseling Center is happy to have Amy Adams on our staff. Amy comes to us with many degrees and certifications (MSN, APN, FNP, PMHNP) and she is a certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. With over 25 years of nursing experience, she has worked with people with depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety and personality disorders. She believes in creating a caring environment for every patient. It is here that she works with each client through a plan of care that fits their needs. It is the only way to achieving their goals.

Let Braden Counseling Center Lead You to Good Mental Health

There is no shame in admitting you need help dealing with mental health. If you or a loved one know you need help, your first step is admitting that. Then contact our Sycamore branch as soon as you can. There are problems which come our way every day in unexpected ways, and they happen to all of us.

At Braden Counseling Center, we have been a leading provider of behavioral health services since 2002. Now, with the addition of our comprehensive psychiatric services, there is so much more we can do to help you through some of life’s most difficult moments. We have helped hundreds of clients to see their way to a better tomorrow. There is no reason we cannot do the same for you.

Our counseling services include domestic violence, DUI, C.A.L.M., driver’s license reinstatement, substance abuse treatment, individual, couples, and family sessions. Our evaluations include DUI, anger, ADD/ADHD, alcohol and drugs, depression, and more. The court-ordered psychological evaluations, or other evaluations, we have in our Sycamore location will lead to learning new skills for managing your life.

For more information about our psychiatric services or to get started, get in touch with Braden Counseling Center in Sycamore today, or visit one of our other locations in Bartlett, Rochelle, Geneva, and Elgin.